Tyler Cameron's timeline for decision changed

Tyler Cameron, a 2012 quarterback out of Jupiter, Fla., has a list of more than 15 scholarship offers and extensive camp experience. He is still maintaining strong ties with the schools that have stuck with him the longest.

"Getting to check out the schools I've wanted to see and then seeing what I like has been great," the 6-3, 216-pound athlete said.

"My offer at Tennessee was a big one for me. I was happy to get it. They wanted me to come up there and came to see me practice one time. I ran into the quarterback coach, and it kind of just went from there."

Among Cameron's offers include Louisville, Boston College, Marshall and one of his first, South Florida.

"USF has always been there," he said. "They were one of my earliest schools to offer which I really respect a lot. I think that's pretty much what stuck with me. They're probably one of my top-tier schools."

The Jupiter High School senior has attended camps at Tennessee, North Carolina State, Duke, Wake Forest, North Carolina and South Carolina.

"USF, Wake Forest, Tennessee, Purdue, and Illinois are in contact most," he explained. "I'm still going to see Purdue and Illinois. I went to camp at Wake. They offered me earlier in my spring season. It's a great place, and I'm really keeping my eye on them to see how it goes."

Cameron continued about his relationship with the different coaches.

"Me and Coach Vaas from USF have spoken consistently, and Coaches McCartney and Knorr at Wake Forest. I talk to them the most."

Cameron had expressed plans in an earlier interview to make his commitment before the start of his senior season but explained that he isn't sure now-"it might be later. I want to see how my season goes."

Tyler Cameron

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