Moto Goes In-Depth On Commitment

This week, DeaconSports had an opportunity to talk with the latest Wake Forest basketball commitment, Arnaud Adala Moto, and got his thoughts on his decision to choose Wake.

Wake Forest picked up another top 100 prospect in the class of 2012 this week in forward Arnaud Adala Moto. When asked why he chose Wake, Moto said he was very impressed with the experience and sincere attitude of the staff and was also impressed with their academic reputation. "All the schools on my list were good academic schools and that was a big reason for choosing Wake Forest."

His recruitment blew up this spring after a very successful AAU season playing with Team Takeover. His progress this summer was delayed by a dislocated kneecap he suffered which sharply limited his appearance in some big summer events, but he is 100% now. "I was very fortunate when I dislocated my kneecap that I did not damage any ligaments," remarked Arnaud.

He also noted that he is looking forward to the High School basketball season with Coach Jim Fitpatrick at Virginia Episcopal School. They finished 25-3 last season and Moto says "I think we will be even better this season".

Fitzpatrick, a former Wake basketball player himself, had great things to say about Moto. "[He] is a kid who always plays hard and has barely scratched the surface of his ability. He has only been playing basketball since he was 14 so he has made tremendous strides and has a very high limit to his ceiling." Fitzpatrick also said that Moto was "a genuinely nice young man who everyone seems to like and who is a good student."

I asked Moto what he thought his strength(s) were and he quickly said his versatility. "I can play several positions, defend well, and am improving in all areas," he said. He plans on working hard to improve in all areas but especially "my ball handling and my three point shooting."

Moto made it clear that getting a degree from Wake Forest is every bit as important to him as playing basketball will be because not everyone can or will play pro basketball but everyone should get a good education.

While his family is still in the west central African country of Cameroon, he does have an older brother living in the United States who has been a big help to him on and off the court. "It is nice to have a family member you can talk to who is fairly close by" he said.

He has become friends with Codi Miller-McIntyre from time they both spent at the NBA camp in Charlottesville this year and they have become pretty close as a result. He is excited about joining a class containing Codi, Aaron Rountree, Andre Washington, Tyler Cavanaugh and Devin Thomas. "I think we will get Wake Forest back into the limelight pretty soon and we all plan to work very hard in making ourselves better in order to do that."

You can sense the eagerness that Moto has to continue to develop and improve his game in all areas and is a player who has the chance to make a big impact pretty quickly once he starts playing for Wake Forest in 2012.

Moto is an explosive player who stands 6'6", weighs 215 pounds, and has an incredible 7'1" wingspan. All those measurements were done at the NBA camp so you can be assured they are accurate.

It is expected that his skill level will only improve as he matures and would not be surprised to see him step on campus in 2012 at 6'6"+ and 225-230 pounds. With his dynamic leaping ability, great lateral quickness and strong work ethic, he could end up being a player who can dominate at times both offensively and defensively. One thing for sure is that, while he is somewhat reserved, it was a pleasure to talk with him. He hopes to attend the Black Gold game on October 8th but that is not definite yet.

Finally coach Jim Fitpatrick paid him the highest compliment when he told DeaconSports that "Arnaud loves to play against the best and looks at it as a challenge, and he won't back down from a challenge."

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