Q&A: Devin Thomas

The newest Wake Forest basketball commitment for the very highly regarded 2012 recruiting class had a conversation with DeaconSports recently and gave his thoughts on his verbal and what he sees ahead for this class.

DeaconSports: Welcome aboard Devin, the whole Wake community is excited you are a Demon Deacon.
Devin Thomas: Thanks you sir, I am real excited to be one!

DS: What impressed you on your visit(s) to Wake and led you to want to play there?
DT: The students were really friendly and the coaching staff was just great to me and my family.

DS:The fans will want to know what you think you will bring to the team next season.
DT: I am going to get every rebound and play within myself.

DS:That's a pretty lofty goal.
DT: Yes sir, but I will do what the coaches need me to do and what I do best.

DS: What are your current weight and height Devin?
DT: I am 6'9 and ¾ and weigh 235

DS: Do you care what position they play you at?
DT: No sir, I will play the 5 or the 4, wherever they need me.

DS: You seemed to have a pretty good rapport with the other recruits on your visit, what did you guys talk about?
DT: Aaron, Codi, Andre and me talked about how we are going to get Wake back to where they were a few years ago when they were ranked #1. I know that Arnaud and Tyler feel the same too.

DS:Sounds good. What about your offensive game, what will you provide there?
DT: I will post up and hit shots, get put backs, and can step out and hit the 15 footer if they need me to do that.

DS: A scout I know told me that he was really impressed with two aspects of your game that people often overlook, your great passing ability and your outstanding hands.
DT: Yes sir, the guards will get the ball back if I am covered or double teamed because I will do whatever it takes to help Wake win.

DS: What do you expect from the coaches when you get to campus?
DT: No fun and games, Coach Bzdelik told us he will put us to work right away.

DS: One final question, and a very important one, is who will your ACC Freshman Player of the Year sister at Maryland pull for when the Maryland men's team plays against Wake and you are playing?
DT: She'll pull for me of course. (laughs)

DS: Well there you have it...Seriously Devin, the Wake people I have talked with are very excited to have you [at Wake Forest] and look forward to when your class and the current players start becoming a big factor again in the ACC.
DT: Well we plan on turning the program back around and hope the fans will come out, support us, and be loud at our games. I am so excited to be part of the Wake family and so are the other recruits!

Notes: Talking to Devin leaves little doubt that this young man will be an articulate and earnest representative of Wake Forest and one that will give it his all. His confidence in his ability and in the coaching staff comes through loud and clear, as does his willingness to do whatever it takes to put Wake in the thick of the ACC race. He feels he will enter Wake at 245-250 pounds through working hard in the weight room and it is highly possible he will do so at 6'10" since he seems to be going through a little growth spurt this year. It was a real pleasure for me to talk to the Thomas' because are a wonderful (and very athletic) family who are very proud new members of the Wake family.

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