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Zachary Allen is a redshirt freshman who, by way of his South Florida location fell under the recruitment territory of the noteworthy Coach Ray McCartney, known by the Deacs as well as daunted competitors as, "Coach Mac". The outside linebacker took some time to discuss his experience thus far, what got him to this point, and who made it possible.

"Some of the main schools looking at me were Miami, Tennessee, South Florida and West Virginia," the Pahokee, FL native said while reflecting on his own recruitment experience.

"I made an unofficial visit to Miami and visited Wake three times."

"I felt like it was a great fit for me. The main reason was because I had a great recruitment coordinator - Me and Coach Mac talked for about a year, and that definitely made a big part of my decision. But my very first thought when I got to Wake was, "Wow, this is a beautiful campus." After that, I saw a few people who walked by and said hi to me- I realized it's a great place with great people."

Allen's hometown is notorious for the significant role football plays in the local culture, and has produced a number of strong athletes for the Deacs including Alphonso Smith.

"Alphonso was definitely a role model," the 6-2, 240 pound athlete explained. "But I'd have to say Aaron Curry was a main one - we play the same position," he said of the WFU legend.

In his second year as a Deac, Allen has learned the ropes of being a student athlete and is taking it in stride.

"My daily routine is kind of light right now, but most of the time, its football. We have six am workouts in the morning, then a little break, then classes; then depending on the day we might have study hall. If we don't have study hall we have conditioning. So I'm basically busy every day."

In a newly post-signing day period, Allen is pleased with the incoming class. "Oh yes, I'm very pleased," he said. "I've met most of them..."

Allen shared his advice for those fresh in the recruitment game. "All I can say is basically stay focused and follow your heart, and let God do what he's supposed to do."

On a lighter note, he also shared his Super Bowl predictions. "I gotta go with the Giants, just because the Patriots beat the Ravens,which was my team—so I want them to lose."

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