Deacon Spotlight: Scott Betros

Scott Betros is heading into his senior season as an inside linebacker at Wake Forest. One of many WFU athletes out of the Florida pipeline, the 6-1, 240-pound player discussed how he's improved since attending Wake and what it means to "be a man before being an athlete."

"I think where I've made the most improvements over the past few years is being able to read and diagnose plays," Betros said. "Coming from high school to college, the speed of the game is so different; I wasn't used to the speed of the linemen at the collegiate level - it's unreal. But being able to read and diagnose faster has really helped me to compete with linemen. So has being in the film room and picking up on certain tendencies over the years."

A 2008 graduate of the Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida, Betros was used to both rigorous football and academics.

"Coming out of Bolles it was very tough there academically, so I had a little practice," he said. "But Wake is super hard as well. Juggling everything has been challenging both athletically and academics; it's like working two full-time jobs.

"It was especially tough [my] freshman year, but Wake has very good athletic and academic staff that gets everything in line, helping with class schedules and getting done with work. My first two years were probably the hardest part, but afterwards it all fell into place and became a part of everyday life – Grobe is very demanding about us balancing it all."

The inside linebacker shared the details of his own recruitment experience.

"When I was looking at schools my final three were Illinois, Duke and Wake - there was a scare when Grobe was talking about going to Arkansas when I sent my letter of intent," Betros explained. "I was also offered by South Carolina, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Indiana and UConn, but I loved Wake."

Close relations to other Wake talent out of North Florida helped influence the feelings.

"I hadn't heard about Wake until Riley Skinner and John Russell went and they had gone to Bolles," Betros said. "When I was getting recruited I hadn't visited and didn't know anything about it, but as soon as I visited it just felt like home. Plus the coaching staff was right up my alley; they're all about being a man before being an athlete - they grow you into a man rather than making you into a machine."

The incoming class boasts similar Jacksonville talent which is sure to persist.

"You know, I really, really like Jared Crump," Betros said of the 2012 wide receiver. "He grew up around me - I've known him since he was a little kid. His parents run a BBQ restaurant by my house. The raw talent and skills that kid has is phenomenal - he's big, fast and strong; he's very competitive and determined, and you can't ask much more for a freshman coming in."

After reflecting on some of his best memories as a Deac, Betros switched gears and talked a less prideful football moment.

"My worst ride home from a game was Stanford my redshirt freshman year," Betros said of the Deacs first match against a Pac-10 team. "It was terrible - everything about that game just didn't seem right. I think it kind of turned around our whole season. It just wasn't good at all, and we carried that on our back through the entire season."

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