Deacon Spotlight: Orville Reynolds

Today marks the Demon Deacons' first day of spring practice. For Orville Reynolds, it marks a progression away from his first year as a college athlete and towards an older, more experienced part of the team.

"It's been a lot of fun," the 5-8, 175-pound athlete said of his first year as a Deac.

This time last year, Reynolds was a senior at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, seeing recruitment efforts from other schools including Rutgers, Marshall, Duke and Colorado State.

He reflected on the past season.

"It's really exciting to have spring ball starting [Tuesday.]," he said. "This past season was a lot of fun. It was great to go to all these places like New York, South Carolina and other places I'd never been before. It's been a great new experience. Clemson was crazy - it's one of the loudest places I've been."

The running back described his most exciting moment as a Deac.

"It was definitely when we played against Notre Dame," he said. "That was the first game I got to play in. It was really crazy because the camera was right in my face, swinging down from the wire. There were so many people watching it was kind of breathtaking."

Renyolds mentioned some of those influential in helping him along the way.

"I would definitely say Chris Givens and Brandon Pendergrass have been there," he said. "They've looked out for me every time I was on the field. They helped me relax because being in front of that many people, it's kind of crazy for the first time."

Off the field, Reynolds is unsure of his future area of studies but, "might be leaning towards Communications."

"Wake is really big on academics," he explained. "It's really time consuming, and we have a lot to do in one day. The teachers really help you out though."

As for next season, Reynolds said he is looking forward to "having another year under his belt."

"Now I'm not really as nervous as I was last year now that I know the plays. I can just play and not really be worried about messing up."

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