Deacon Spotlight: Kris Redding

Kris Redding is a defensive end out of Douglasville, Georgia. Coming from a small private high school, the redshirt sophomore found Wake Forest appealing from the start. He discussed what sets the school apart in his eyes and the transformation the team is undergoing.

"One thing that really stood out to me about Wake was its size because it's a private school. I came from a little private school, and am the first D-1 ball player to come from there. Another thing that stood out was that I could get that same size and environment as my high school, but at the same time play big names every Saturday.

"Another thing was the kind of academic background that it has. Say football doesn't work out. One day I'll have to provide for a family, and I was looking for a school that would give me the best."

Redding had a unique recruitment process, starting later in the game but still seeing impressive attention.

"My top three were Wake Forest, Louisville and Clemson," he said. "Probably the thing that stands out most to me was how quickly it all came. I didn't play at all junior year, and that's typically when it starts. Once everybody started to hear about me, I talked to my coaches and picked up interest but was shocked how many D-1 schools came to me."

The 6-4, 265-pound athlete described where he thinks Wake to have the greatest advantage.

"I would say people don't really know what we're capable of," he explained. "In some respects they do, with us beating Florida State and that kind of thing, but even then we weren't at the top of our game. We played a really good game, but nowhere near the kind that we're capable of putting out.

"On top of that, people in games against us can be kind of relaxed because of our history; we've been more of an academic school rather than sports. When teams relax then are confronted of how athletic and capable we are, by that point it's late in the game and they're trying to play catch-up."

With three years on the team and two on the field, Redding has seen a good amount of personal and team-related growth.

"I've really learned a lot," he said. "My raw athletic ability was pretty much just what I leaned on. Now that I've gotten to Wake and have been going against some of the top athletes in the country, I've really learned how to play my position. The things you get here are the things you don't get in high school– extra techniques and an elite level of coaching.

"At the same time I've learned that football is football. There really is no big secret to anything. A lot of people kind of mystify things, when in reality, everybody's doing it in the same way.

"There's an age-old truth about football - when you play fast, good things happen," he added.

Freshly into spring ball, Redding discussed how it's different from seasons past.

"It's going really well," he said. "I'm enjoying the new attitude that the team has been building over the past couple years. I can see it especially now as my class gets older - the transformation that our coaches are focusing on making with our team you can now see coming to a head; it's becoming a reality.

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