Deacon Spotlight: Devin Bolling

Devin Bolling is an offensive tackle from Lynchburg, Virginia. Though he's an active member of the Wake Forest football team, the redshirt junior has taken full advantage of the academic opportunities from his University as well, challenging himself with both a double major and a double minor.

"The workload has probably been the hardest thing," the 6-5, 300-pound athlete said. "Also transitioning into the speed of the game from high school to college."

Though balancing work on and off the field can be a struggle for student athletes, Bolling has a strong support system to assist him through.

"I have a really strong connection with my academic counselor. I kind of see him as my mentor. If I ever have anything I need to talk to him about or have a problem with, he'll help me through it and talk with me," he said. Bolling is an Economics and Communication double major with a sociology and entrepreneurship double minor.

The offensive tackle also receives support while on the field. "As far as my position goes, Joe Looney and Doug Weaver are the people that really stood out to me when I started. Doug helped me since I was playing behind him and they both gave me tips and pointers."

Bolling was considering a number of other ACC schools before committing to the Deacs in 2009. "I was hearing from Virginia Tech, Maryland, ECU, BC...I can't even remember all of them," he said. "I visited all of those though, and for me, Wake was a good school educationally and was close to home. I really liked the small classrooms and the campus overall. I saw it as a good place for me to better myself, and I saw the opportunity there was for me," he added.

Looking back, Bolling described his most memorable experience as a Deac. "I'd have to say my first travel game as a redshirt freshman," he said. "It was my first travel game, and even though I wasn't playing, just being with the team and seeing that opening felt so good. It felt like I was there on the field even though I wasn't - I guess it was the adrenaline."

With another year of joining his team on the field, Bolling will be playing more of a leadership role.

"I haven't met much of the incoming class, but I've met a couple of O-linemen," he said. "And spring ball is going pretty well. We're learning a lot, and have to pay attention and grasp things a lot faster because we have so many young guys."

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