Unofficial CSA Invitational Schedule

A look at the schedule for the North Carolina Scouting Alliance Invitational tournament held July 16th and 17th. Many Deacon hoops recruiting targets will be in attendence including Cameron Stanley, K.C. Rivers, Kevin Swinton, and Prince Bowden.

17 & Under

Pool A: A1. NC Gaters A2. Augusta Magic A3. Community Christian A4. Charlotte Nets

Pool B: B1. Kappa Magic B2. D C Hawks B3. SW Guilford B4. Garner Roads

Pool C: C1. Charlotte Royals C2. NC Gaters-16 C3. East Coast Eagles C4. NC Disciples

Pool D: D1. Charlotte Aces D2. Baltimore Bombers D3.Wilmington Warriors D4. NC Gaters-2

16 & Under

Pool 16: 16A. NC Disciples 16B. Garner Roads 16C. Baltimore Bombers 16D. Team Richmond

15 & Under

Pool 15: 15A. Garner Roads-1 15B. WG Hornets 15C. Garner Roads-2 15D. NC Gaters

9 AM
WG1 (15A – 15D)
WG2 (15B – 15C)

10 AM
WG1 (16A – 16D)
WG2 (16B – 16C)

11 AM
WG1 (17A1 – 17A4)
WG2 (17A2 – 17A3)

12 PM
WG1 (17B1 – 17B4)
WG2 (17B2 – 17B3)

1 PM
WG1 (17C1 – 17C4)
WG2 (17C2 – 17C3)

2 PM
WG1 (17D1 – 17D4)
WG2 (17D2 – 17D3)

3 PM
GDS1 (15A – 15B)
GDS2 (15C – 15D)
WG1 (16B – 16D)
WG2 (16A – 16C)

4 PM
GDS1 (17A1 – 17A3)
GDS2 (17A2 – 17A4)
WG1 (17B1 – 17B3)
WG2 (17B2 – 17B4)

5 PM
GDS1 (17D1 – 17D3)
GDS2 (17D2 – 17D4)
WG1 (17C1 – 17C3)
WG2 (17C2 – 17C4)

6 PM
GDS1 (16B – 16D)
GDS2 (16A – 16C)
WG1 (15B – 15D)
WG2 (15A – 15C)

7 PM
GDS1 (17B1 – 17B2)
GDS2 (17B3 – 17B3)
WG1 (17A1 – 17A2)
WG2 (17A3 – 17A4)

8 PM
GDS1 (17C1 – 17C2)
GDS2 (17C3 – 17C4)
WG1 (17D1 – 17D2)
WG2 (17D3 – 17D4)

Locations: (GDS1 , GDS2) = Greensboro Day School Courts 1 & 2, (WG1, WG2) = Western Guilford Courts 1 & 2

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