Bridges-Thompson close to a decision

Spartanburg (SC) safety Justin Bridges-Thompson has been a big-time target for the Deacs for many months now. It appears that a decision could be coming very, very soon. DeaconSports spoke with Bridges-Thompson on Sunday and he didn't hide the fact that he's about ready to make headlines.

"It's gonna be real soon," he said. "Before I go back to school. Maybe even tomorrow. It's just going to be one of those things where I wake up, decide what I'm going to do and then talk to a couple of coaches one more time.

"I've kind of narrowed it down right now. My top two ... Wake Forest is number one. Tennessee is number two. I'm really thinking about going ahead and committing."

In what should be a good sign for the Deacs, Bridges-Thompson ended the conversation with an enthusiastic: "Go Deacons!" But that doesn't mean he's committed yet.

Bridges-Thompson has been very busy this summer. He visited Tennessee and the very next day he tripped to South Carolina. He also visited NC State before spending a couple of weeks with Team USA down in Texas. That was a memorable experience for him.

"I feel like I did great. It was the best high school players from around the country all on one team. There were only 11 spots on defense and you're trying to start so that's pretty competitive. For me to start all three games was great," he said.

Even though Bridges-Thompson plans to make his decision soon he did leave open the possibility of taking an official visit to Memphis, since Coach Billings, formerly of Wake Forest, has asked him to do that.

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