North Carolina Scouting Alliance: Wake Targets

The North Carolina Scouting Alliance Invitational Tournament started today in Greensboro. Bob Smith and staff did a great job putting this together, and hopefully it will become an annual event.

I had my first look at future Deacons Cameron Stanley and Kevin Swinton, plus top target KC Rivers.

Cameron Stanley is very athletic. He's springy around the basket, and has a nice knack for offensive rebounding similar to Josh Howard. His jumper wasn't falling tonight, and personally I'd like to see him take the ball to the basket more often. He'll need to improve his ball handling before playing in college, and he struggled catching the ball tonight, failing to convert a couple alley oops and dropping a couple good passes in traffic. Overall I think Cameron has a ton of potential that will need to be fine tuned.

Kevin Swinton was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't realize he is this athletic, running the floor and blocking several shots. He is excellent at finishing around the basket, even when getting hit. He'll need to grow an inch or two to have success around the basket at the college level, but everything else seems to be falling into place for him.

I couldn't get a good read on KC Rivers. KC seemed happy letting his teammates handle the ball, rarely forcing anything. He did have two strong moves to the basket only to be rejected by Kevin Swinton. KC really didn't do anything wrong, but I'd be interested in seeing him play when he's trying to carry his team a little bit more.

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