Casey Has A Favorite

The goal is directly in front of Salem (VA) linebacker Austin Casey. The question is if his favorite will offer him a scholarship.

"I would love to go to Virginia Tech," says the 6-foot-1, 220 pounder. "My dad went to school there, and my dream has always been to go to school there as well."

The Hokies have yet to offer a scholarship, so Casey does not want to limit his options as of yet.

"I want Virginia to offer as well. I did not do well at their camp, because I ran a 4.85 40 when I hurt my hamstring running it. That did not help my cause. At Tech I ran a 4.6, which is about what I normally run."

Casey says that his bench is around 320 pounds, but that low number surprises people.

"Most people see my chest and say ‘you must be benching over 400 pounds', but what they don't realize is how long my arms are. It is always harder for me to bench a whole lot since they are so long. I just have to make up for it by hitting them hard."

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