Preseason Football Q&A: Eric King

The third in a series of Q&A sessions during preseason practice

Junior cornerback Eric King had a standout season in 2002, but the Woodstock, Maryland native hopes for an even better campaign this fall. Tonight, King and his Deacon teammates will finish their third full day of practice.

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Q: Did you do anything exciting this summer? How were your classes?

EK: I had a pretty good summer. I got back home a couple times and got to visit Atlanta a couple times. I took a composition class, philosophy class and a british literature class. They went pretty well, tough though. All I have left is to turn in a paper by tomorrow afternoon. It is nice.

Q: You sat out the spring game with a nagging neck injury. Is it something that still bothers you or are you ready to roll?

EK: It is not bothering me at all. In fact, had it been a regular season game, I would have played, but it was good to sit out and let it heal. I am 100% right now and ready to go.

Q: You have been a starter for the better part of two years. Now that you are an upperclassmen, do you feel your role - in terms of leadership - has changed?

EK: As an upperclassmen, I have to be a leader, on and off the field. That is a huge part of my role with this team. I am expected to improve and help everyone else around me get better. It is not only important for our secondary, but the rest of our defense as well.

Q: Some coaches joke that cornerbacks never have good hands. If they did, they would be wide receivers. Plus, there is a belief that cornerbacks do not like to hit. Any truth or would you like to dispel the rumors?

EK: With me, absolutely no truth to the rumor about not liking to hit. That is one of the things I like to do the most. I think I am a pretty good tackler, or at least try to be. I think I am a pretty good athlete also. If coach ever asked, I think I could play a number of positions.

Q: The past couple years the secondary has been quite young, but with you, Quintin Williams, Caron Bracy and Daryl Shaw, the secondary is very experienced. How good can this group be?

EK: I think we can be as good as we allow ourselves. If we put all our tools together, we can be one of the better secondaries in the ACC. We have the talent, but must continue to work hard in practice.

Q: How aggressive can you play on the outside knowing that Quintin is back there?

EK: That is definitely a positive about playing cornerback at Wake Forest. Quintin is an exceptional player, one of the better safety's in this league. He really helps me out and I think I help him out some as well.

Q: When you picked up the loose ball after the blocked field goal against Duke last season, was there any chance you were going to get caught?

EK: Actually, I thought so. I got pretty tired at the end, but Brad White gave me a great block that sort of set me free. It was clear sailing from there. Had I got caught, I never would have heard the end of it.

Q: What is more exciting, a ball floating into your hands and nothing but open field or a bone crushing hit?

EK: For me, it has to be the big hit. Sticking a guy as he runs across the middle of the field is more exciting. That is more fulfilling.

Q: Your major is communication. If not playing football in 10 years, what would you like to be doing? Any chance you become the next Stan Cotten?

EK: I would like to broadcast football at some point, but I have such a love for the game that I would want to coach first. I would like to teach kids the things I have been taught by this game.

Q: If you could switch with Coach Grobe for one day of practice, what is the first thing you would make him do?

EK: I would make him suit up for an all-out scrimmage. Full pads and everything.

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