Several Deacs returning to fall camp action soon

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson covers several Deacs who are close to returning to fall camp, and details the plans for speedy true freshman wide receiver Greg Dortch.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — In the first part of this interview, Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson reflected on the Saturday scrimmage, and what the coaching staff found as they reviewed the tapes over the weekend.

Clawson continues his talk with Demon Deacon Digest, speaking on. . . .

On Duke Ejiofor and Cam Serigne’s timetable to return

Clawson: “There’s certain guys you know that can play. I know Duke can play, and I know Cam Serigne can play. We want those guys to get reps, but it’s more important that they’re healthy. Those guys can probably get to game week and get ready. It’s with the younger players — sometimes with those injuries you find yourself pushing younger players because they need the reps and they’re not ready. If they’re not healthy enough to get the reps, they’re not ready. With the older guys, you can manage them different. Cam Serigne and Duke Ejiofor have played a ton of football here.”

On Cam Glenn

Clawson: “He played some. He got the whole spring. You want him to get work. The nature of that position, though, when you’re a secondary player or receiver, a hamstring is a lot more limiting than if you’re a tight end or defensive end. At that position, the breaks are quicker and you’re going to have to open your stride more. It’s always tougher for a back-end guy or a receiver to come back from a hamstring. An ankle sprain, sometimes a lineman can come back sooner.”

On Greg Dortch continuing to explode for big plays, and what is the chances he could play this season

Clawson: “He’s a good football player and a very polished football player, for a freshman. He’s not where Tabari (Hines) or Chucky (Wade) are right now, but how could he be? He’s come in certainly more polished than a lot of receivers we’ve had. He understands football. He understands leverage and how to set people up. He knows how to run routes, but he’s a freshman. In that freshman period just now, he ran the wrong route one or two times. I think two years ago, you throw that guy out there anyway. But with where we are now, you run the wrong route and the quarterback expects you to be there and that’s a turnover. I think we’re bringing him along as the third Z. If we stay healthy, I don’t know how many reps there are. But we’re one guy away from him playing 35-40 snaps. So we’re just going to keep bringing him along, and hopefully we stay healthy. He’d probably be one of those red alert guys. Right now, the guys we know are going to play are Essang Bassey and Cade Carney are probably definitely going to play. Then we have another six or seven guys that we think are red alert, that may play right away if we don’t get healthy quickly.”

On Josh Banks

Clawson: “I think we’re all hoping this is the year Josh becomes the play-in, play-out player that he’s capable of being. Josh has been inconsistent. Josh has high-end ability. I think Josh has All-ACC level ability, but his ability to do it everyday, week-in and week-out — he’s struggled to do that. You just hope as a senior he puts it together and he has a break-out year. We’re hoping it happens. I think he’s working hard and he’s practicing better. You’re seeing a lot of little positive signs.”


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