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Versatile Latter helping Deacs on defense

The Deacs had the front-end of another two-a-day Thursday morning, as they march toward this weekend's all-important scrimmage. Wake is just two weeks away from starting the season against Tulane, and the staff still has multiple personnel decisions to make.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Deacs went through the paces of the front half of their second two-a-day Thursday morning at the Doc Martin Football Practice Complex, spending another chunk of practice on situational play.

The team is close to getting several players back on the practice field as the Deacs are now just two weeks out from opening the season at home against Tulane.

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson spoke with the media at the end of practice.

On Jalen Latter playing defensive back in practice

Clawson: “We talked about it as a staff, and if we’re down four corners — we think we’re going to get a lot of guys back Monday. We just said to Jalen, ‘If this was a game week, you probably would play more of a corner.’ We’re not moving him permanently, but we’re going to do this for the scrimmage and give you reps there. So if this happens in the course of the season, we might have to do this.”

On needing enough bodies to practice

Clawson: “We have enough to practice, but that would be a week-by-week deal. He’s played over there, but we just looked at it as if we had a game today, what would we do? We’d have to move Jalen over and let him play there.”

On if he’s still hopeful of getting some folks back for the second practice of the day

Clawson: “I think Cam Serigne will do individual. We think Phil Haynes will maybe go Friday or Saturday on individual. He will not scrimmage. We’re hoping Duke Ejiofor will do individual tomorrow. We think Cam Glenn will do individual on Friday. I think what we’re trying to do is bring guys slowly back so that we have them on Monday.”

On doing the night scrimmage this weekend

Clawson: “I don’t know if it’ll be that long, given where we are injury wise. It might be a little shorter. The idea is our first game kicks off at 7 p.m. We want them to be at the stadium, under the lights in the conditions we’ll play our first game.”

On doing situational work in the scrimmage

Clawson: “We’ll work a two-minute situation and a four-minute situation. We’ll make maybe a coming out situation. We’ll be practicing those things live for the last time before the start of the season.”

On the scrimmage being important in the quarterback competition

Clawson: “I think it’s important for every position battle. Whether it’s Scotty Washington or Cortez Lewis, Tabari Hines or Chucky Wade, Alex Bachman or Steven Claude, Chris Stewart or Willie Yarbary — you can go across the board and say there’s six or seven positions that you say, ‘Who starts? Who’s two and what’s the breakdown going to be on how much they play?’ One guy may start and the other guy may not, but it might be 50/50. It could be 60/40. I think all those things are good problems. I think we have more guys that can play.”

On what he got out of the situational work Thursday morning

Clawson: “We jumped offsides on a 3rd-and-4 in the four-minute (drill). That’s a way of losing a game. The offense had a one-point lead and the running back broke in the clear and scored. That would have been a time to slide to not give the other team the ball with a chance to score a touchdown and a 2-point conversion to send it to overtime. That’s why you practice those things, because sometimes those situations dictate that you do something contrary to your instincts in football. You can go five years without running those plays, and then you get into a game and you need it. That can win you the game.”


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