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John Wolford named starting quarterback against Tulane

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson named John Wolford the starting quarterback for the Tulane game, but indicated sophomore Kendall Hinton will play as well.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — As we started to put away our recorders at what we thought was the end of our interview with Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson, he came forward with a startling revelation. 

"John Wolford is going to be our starter, and Kendall (Hinton) is going to play too," Clawson said. 

Clawson was asked after Saturday's scrimmage if he was ready to name a starter, but he declined then. But as final days of camp approach, he felt it important to make the decision and move forward, so he told both the quarterbacks prior to practice Monday. 

Here's everything Clawson told the media about the decision:

Clawson: "I think this is as tight and close of a quarterback battle as I've ever dealt with. At some point, you have to let those guys know what their roles are going to be. Assuming John is healthy and can go, he's the starter. I took the analogy that if this was another position, there's no way you'd say one guy would play all the game and the other guy none. I just think Kendall Hinton is too good of an athlete and he makes too many plays — if we don't utilize Kendall Hinton that's a huge, huge mistake. So John will start the game. Kendall will also play. I just think they both deserve to play. Hopefully we can keep them both healthy by doing this. We're making a decision probably because we had to make a decision and let those guys know. We told both of them that they're both going to play."

On how they handled the decision

Clawson: "I'd say they both handled it very maturely, and they both understand that the other guy at the position is a very good player. John knows how good of a football player Kendall is, and all the plays he made. He recognizes he helped us win games. Kendall understands that John is a really good player too. If this was a wide receiver position or a running back position, we'd say we'll roll both of them and nobody would think twice. I didn't think it was fair to either of those guys to say it was all or nothing. They both have earned the right to play, and they both will play. How we work that out, we'll handle internally. We've told John that he will start and we've told Kendall he will play. Things can always change, depending on health and things like that, but that's our plan at the beginning of the year."

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