Top-30 2018 wing Isaiah Mucius recaps Wake Forest visit

Top-30 2018 wing Isaiah Mucius recaps his visit to Wake Forest.

Wake Forest hosted Top-30 2018 wing Isaiah Mucius Saturday, who met with coaches and played pickup with the Deacs.

“The trip was really good. I met the coaches - coach (Danny) Manning and coach (Randolph) Childress,” Musius said. “It was a good trip.”

Musius said the current Deacs seemed focused on moving toward the regular season after getting back from a 3-0 Bahamas exhibition trip.

“They said they had a good time. They seem ready to get into the bulk of preparation for the season,” he said. “They’re working on trying to get used to each other and getting ready for the ACC season.”

The 6-foot-7, 185 pound wing from Hagerstown (Md.) Saint James School has the versatility to contribute at spots 2-4 on the floor, he believes.

“I think they believe they can use me well at the wing position and kind of be one of their key guys in the 2018 class coming in,” Mucius said. “I think I would fit into a system like that. Many systems across the ACC, Big 12 and Pac 12 have kind of reverted to that versatile wing. Teams from Kentucky to Wake Forest are using versatile wings that can play more than one position.”

There’s already been a ton of college coaches in to see Mucius workout, and he’s drawn offers or interest from nearly a dozen schools, including Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Oregon and St. Johns.

“I’m going to Penn State next weekend with (Saint James) coach (Dan) Prete and Bryce Golden,” he said. “We’re going for a visit and a football game. I think it’s Joe Paterno Day, so it should be kind of hectic and fun.”

Mucius has no other visits scheduled, but is sure he’ll fit some in before his junior season starts.

“I’m taking my time. I’m really going to work hard on my junior season, and then the next AAU season coming up,” he said. “I’m taking my time and letting things play out, then we’ll go from there. As my senior year starts, we’ll dig in a little deeper.”

He hopes to develop a more consistent jumpshot this season for Saint James.

“Being more of a leader and a consistent scorer,” Mucius said when asked how he wants to improve. “A lot of scouts are looking for me to be a consistent scorer with a consistent jump shot. They believe I get to the rim easy, but that I’m not reaching my full potential.”

Playing on the talented PSA Cardinals AAU team has helped Mucius advance his skill set.  

“Playing with all this talent has helped me take my game to the next level,” he said. “I’ve been able to go against guys in my class that I want to get ranked higher than. This upcoming AAU season, should be good, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Though he plans on taking his time on the decision, Mucius has a general idea of what he’s looking for in a school.  

“A good coaching staff, and a great family feel to the school,” he said. “I want to go to a school where I can develop on the court, but also get good academics. I’ve got ideas in my mind of what I’m looking for, but once I get to my senior year I’ll narrow it down a bit more.”

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