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Four Downs - Looking at misconceptions

Four Downs clears up misconceptions, and fixes mistakes in a IU fan blog preview of Saturday's game.

Once you start throwing around charts and graphs, the grand assumption is the rest of the article will be filled with solid facts.

Unfortunately, this preview by SB Nation’s IU site, The Crimson Quarry, isn’t on target in a number of ways.

With all due respect to our SB Nation Wake Forest blogger friends over at Blogger So Dear, here’s four things TCQ got wrong in their game preview yesterday.

They are somewhat efficient running the ball overall (39th) but tend to get stuffed for no gain or loss a lot and don't have the explosiveness to make up for it.

Strangely enough, despite being all about numbers, graphs and statistics earlier in the article, the author here starts going off assumption and memories from past years, apparently. The numbers simply don’t back up the notion so far this season that the Deacs get stuffed for no gain or a loss a lot this season.

Wake has 142 rushing attempts for a total gain of 670, but have LOST 50 yards so far this season, for a total net yardage of 620. That’s over three games.

Indiana, conversely, has rushed 97 times for 485 yards, but have LOST 52 yards so far, for a total net yardage of 433. That’s in just two contests.

So the Hoosiers have lost 26 yards per game on the ground, where the Deacs have lost 16.7 yard per game rushing.

Only 18 teams are less efficient throwing the ball and their sack rates are atrocious

Again, the author is going off memory here, it appears. The Deacs allowed 48 sacks in Clawson’s first year and then 40 more last season. This year, however, Wake quarterbacks have been sacked just six times for a loss of 27 yards.

The Hoosiers? They’ve been sacked six times already this season, while playing one less game (and none against Big Ten competition) for a loss of 36 yards.

It’s currently Indiana that’s ranked No. 102 in the nation in sacks allowed, after giving up just 13 all season long a year ago, good for seventh-best in the nation.

It's likely not going to get better any time soon for the Demon Deacons, as starting quarterback Kendall Hinton could up to a month with a sprained PCL and will assuredly miss Saturday's game.

This sentence just annoys me because it’s missing a word: “Hinton could to up a month.” “Miss” is probably the missing word, ironically enough.

In the preseason predictions I had this game as 42-14 and called it the easiest non-conference game of the schedule. That was wrong (FIU being a trash pile was unforeseen) and I shall make amends.

The author figured preseason that the Deacs would be worse than Florida International and Ball State, I guess completely forgetting about the Kendall Hinton-fueled comeback last season at BB&T Field where the Hoosiers escaped with a one-score win.

It’s also a strangely smug sort of entitled take for a fan blog covering a team that has precisely ONE winning season in the last two decades, a 7-6 year punctuated by a Insight Bowl loss with Bill Lynch at the helm for the Hoosiers.

Oh. . . and be sure to check out the URL on the Crimson Quarry link. As one would expect, IU bloggers can't even spell "football" correctly. Don't worry, basketball season is right around the corner and you won't have to worry about "footrall." 

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