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Clawson goes in-depth on Weaver, Serigne

Wake Forest football coach Dave Clawson finishes his question and answer session with the media Tuesday with comments on Mike Weaver and Cam Serigne.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson concludes his question and answer session with the media Tuesday.

On Mike Weaver pulling all the kicking duties right now

Clawson: “He’s doing a good job, and right now we’re playing good offense. If this was the last two years, I think he’d be worn out. He’s been our punter, but we’ve punted less in the last two weeks than maybe any two-game stretch since I’ve been here, because the offense is playing better. Yeah, we need to get Dom (Maggio) back and we need to get (Adam) Centers healthy. Tomorrow, Weaver won’t kick. We’ve been very conscious of how much we’ve asked him to kick, knowing that he’s handling all three.

“His percentage of touchbacks on kickoffs is close to 70 percent. Other than the Delaware field goal that was a bit of a poor snap, he’s hit every field goal and meaningful field goals. The one against Duke made it a two-score game. How big were the ones this week? That was the difference at one point in the game. He hit our two kicks and we were up 27-21. He’s punted the ball very well. He’s placed it where we want it with good hang time. He’s doing a nice job.”

On how tough it is to do all three

Clawson: “I don’t golf very much. Maybe three or four rounds a year. It just seems whenever I golf there’s one club I can hit, but that’s the only one. If I’m good off the tee, you can bank it that my short game is awful. There’s all this different strokes, and all those strokes use different muscle groups. It’s very hard when you’re punting, kicking off and hitting field goals — those are really three different strokes for a kicker. That’s what fatigues you. It’s not only that he’s handling every kick, but that every swing is different. With us, with the rugby style punt, there’s four different swings. Your driver and short game may be good, but then your long irons and your putter may be bad. It’s hard to put all those things together. He’s keeping it together, but I really hope Dom comes back so we take a little pressure off him.”

On Cade Carney and Kendall Hinton

Clawson: “Cade won’t play this week, and neither will Kendall. We’re hoping to get both those guys back against Syracuse, but that’s wait and see. It’s always easy to say ‘wait until next week’ because you’re not in next week. Next week seems far away. We’re optimistic that those guys will be ready for Syracuse, but we won’t know until we’re in the week.”

On what he feels the offense will have to produce to defeat NC State Wolfpack

Clawson: “NC State is really good on offense. Dayes last year ripped off two or three big runs against us. I think he had like 200 yards of rushing in the first quarter. He’s a good back, they have a good offensive line and their quarterback is good. They have good skill. They’re going to make plays. Hopefully we can limit those plays and force them to kick field goals. We certainly haven’t done that the last two years. They’re scoring 42 points a game and 500 yards. That’s never an accident.”

On Cam Serigne not getting many catches so far this season

Clawson: “We’re trying to get him the ball at times. We had the deep ball where John (Wolford) got hit and was underthrown. The running touchdown that John scored we were trying to get Cam the ball and he was wide open. There was another third down where he was wide open and the outside receiver got jammed. We’re trying to get him the ball, and it hasn’t happened. He’s playing his best football. He’s blocking extremely well. He’s a major reason we’re running the ball so well. The fact that we’re running the ball so well means we’re running it more. That means less opportunities in the passing game. And the other things is that we used to throw the ball so much because we were behind two or three touchdowns. A lot of Cam’s catches were good catches, but were maybe late in the game when teams were playing nickel defense. He is playing really well. I think Cam Serigne is playing the best football he’s ever played for us, and he’s doing an outstanding job blocking. His catches will come. I think he’d rather run the ball and win, than have a bunch of catches and lose. His numbers may be down, but his performance level is up.”

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