Preseason Football Q&A: R.D. Montgomery

A popular member of the Demon Deacon football team, R.D. Montgomery, visited with for a Q&A session after practice on Tuesday evening. Montgomery is a junior tight end from Wilmington, N.C.

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Q: What did you do this summer?
RD: I was here for both sessions of summer school but before that I went on a service trip (through the Volunteer Service Corps) to Arizona to a Native American reservation. We painted houses, dug a garden and planted cottonwood trees.

Q: You are one of several Demon Deacons who come from Laney High School in Wilmington, and all the Wilmington boys seem like a tight-knit group. What¡¦s the story behind this pipeline?
RD: The way the school system is set up, a lot of guys at played football at Laney also played middle school and pop warner football together and have known each other since we were little. One of Laney¡¦s football coaches, Russ Adams, is a WFU grad. When ¡§T¡¨ (Tarence Williams) came up here, I decided to at least visit because if T saw something good then I should check it out. I made my visit and fell in love with the place. Then when Cori (Stukes) made his visit, I was his host on his recruiting trip and he fell in love with it too. And that¡¦s the story.

Q: Have you ever met Michael Jordan, who¡¦s also a Laney graduate?
RD: I have not met Michael Jordan. He came back to Wilmington to have the Wizards training camp at UNCW, but I was already at Wake Forest then.

Q: What is your favorite part of practice?
RD: Scrimmaging against the defense, getting ready for games.

Q: Gassers ¡V would you rather run them before or after practice?
RD: I¡¦d rather do them before, because after practice you¡¦re already winded and tired and don¡¦t want to do something that takes more energy from you.

Q: How has it been having Tom Elrod back on staff as your position coach?
RD: It¡¦s good to have him back because he was one of the familiar faces here when I came in as a freshman. He¡¦s been a constant in my life throughout my WFU history. He¡¦s easy to talk to and he¡¦s a great coach. It made things a lot easier when I switched positions because I was already used to him.

Q: You switched to tight end last season, what do you enjoy most about the position?
RD: I like the combination of being able to block and also being able to catch a pass and have the opportunity to score. To be truthful all offensive linemen want to score a touchdown. As a tight end, you¡¦re in between being an offensive lineman and a receiver. It¡¦s the best of both worlds, I guess you could say.

Q: Which ACC team do you most want to beat this season?
RD: Well, you have the usuals, like UNC and NC State. But I really want to beat Clemson and Virginia, because last year we had both of those games in our palm of our hands and let them slip through our fingers. It would be awesome to go up to UVa and win that game and them have Clemson come here and beat them in front of our home crowd.

Q: Which road trip are looking forward to the most?
RD: I¡¦m looking forward to Boston College. I¡¦ve never been to Boston before. I think it will be a nice experience to go up there. I¡¦ve heard it¡¦s a nice city.

Q: You like to write poetry and even have a website with your poems on it. Why do you like to write poems and what do you write about?
RD: I guess writing poetry is a way to vent what I¡¦m feeling at that moment, anything that¡¦s on my mind. I¡¦m not an aggressive person and I¡¦m not confrontational, so if I¡¦m mad I like to just write it out. Whatever comes to mind I just write about it. This past year I wrote something almost every day.

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