Q&A With Senior Dion Williams

Senior Dion Williams returns as one of the definite leaders on the defensive side of the ball. Williams has battled injuries over his first three years at Wake Forest, but is ready for a big campaign in 2003.

Q: You have been hampered the past two seasons by injury. How do you feel right now?

DW: I feel good, healthy and ready to take on my role as a staring outside linebacker. Now, that I am given the opportunity, I am ready for the fans, my teammates and coaches to see what I can really do.

Q: Now a senior and starter, do you feel your role with this team has changed, in terms of play and leadership?

DW: Yes, my role as a leader has become a bigger focus for me. I know that the younger players will look and follow the lead that I display for them. I also feel much more responsible for any part of the success our team has this year. Being a starter, I have to be mentally and physically sharp, and free from too many mistakes.

Q: You registered a team-best 428 lbs. in the front squat. First, were you surprised at the amount? Second, was there anyone in particular that you looked forward to beating?

DW: Actually, I was not really surprised by the weight when I did it, I can do about 50 lbs more now thanks to the strength and conditioning of Coach Reeves. There was no one in particular that I looked forward to beating. We are a team and work as a team, a team that motivates one another to strive for the best from one another. We motivate each other everytime we work out in the weight room.

Q: You seem to have a knack for the football, either forcing a fumble or recovering a fumble. Any secrets?

DW: I can not disclose my secrets at this time, due to the fact that our opponents might be reading this. (wink, wink)

Q: The linebacking core of yourself, Brad White and Kellen Brantley all played significant downs last season. How important is that experience heading into this season?

DW: Our experience as seniors is very important in keeping the defense sharp and together. The linebacker position is one of the most important groups of the defense, therefore the experience should help in controlling the other teams offense.

Q: You had perfect attendance in high school, any chance you could ever play a perfect game?

DW: Perfection is hard to obtain. My goal is not to play a perfect game, but to make as few mistakes as possible. And, if a mistake is made, how quickly I can get right back up and recover?

Q: You were born in Wiesbaden, Germany. How much time did you spend over there before moving to the states? Any interesting stories?

DW: I spent the first eight years of my life in Germany, and visited every summer during middle and high school. I was the only black child in my whole neighborhood and picked up the language quite fast. I even went to school there for two months during my tenth grade year. But, eventually I moved back to the U.S to pursue my football career.

Q: You mentioned in the media guide that the best part of Wake Forest football is explaining to people about the Demon Deacon. So, you are being tested. What is it?

DW: The Deacon works for the church on campus by day, but at night and game days he transforms into a pumped up, caffeine-taking fanatic. No matter how excited he gets, he never forgets to praise the lord.

Q: You also mentioned in the media guide that you wished you were better at showing your feminine side. Would you consider yourself a work in progress then?

DW: No, it is hard to work on your feminine side being around my teammates from sun up to sun down right now.

Q: Tell us one thing that might surprise people that do not know you all too well?

DW: I am an undercover computer nerd. I love computers and I love what they can do for us.

Q: What exactly is the tattoo on your right arm?

DW: The tattoo on my right arm is an Asian Bonsai Tree with my family name on the top. My name is at the bottom in big bold letters feeding it at the roots. On my forearm, along with the names of my mother and sisters, I also have a Japanese symbol - which means strength.

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