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Mike Allen's imposing presence leads Lanier to 31-9 win

Lanier High School coach Korey Mobbs talks on Wake Forest 2017 DL commit Mike Allen.

SUGAR HILL, GEORGIA — The “Big Mike” moniker is no joke. At 6-foot-6, 240 pounds, Wake Forest DL commit Michael Allen is a man among boys for the Lanier High School Longhorns.

He also has a big smile, which he flashed often in a 31-9 victory Friday night over Habersham Central. For his part, Allen contributed three sacks and was disruptive defensively throughout.

“When you watch him on the field, you see his athleticism,” Lanier High School coach Korey Mobbs said about Allen. “You see how he moves. He tall and rangy, can make athletic plays.

“I think what I like about him the most is his personality. He’s got a great personality. He’s fun-loving and always smiling. He’s willing to come talk to me about anything. I think Wake Forest is getting quite a young man.”

But there’s still plenty of room for Allen to grow — at least from a technique perspective.

“It’s a consistency thing. When you see a guy that’s 6-foot-6, 240 you think he’s supposed to be a finished product. He’s not, at the high school level,” Mobbs said. “And they’re not supposed to be. They’re not going to be finished at the college level either, but I’m excited to see what Wake Forest does with him to continue to progress. He’s going to get away from home and learn a lot more about football. He’s got the right mental makeup and personality to be very successful.”

Allen missed a couple games with an injury early in the season, but seems to be back to full speed now.

“Glad to have him back, and he’s finally back to full strength and conditioning,” Mobbs said. “We’re looking forward to where we head from here.”

Mobbs also loves what Allen brings to the school off the field.

“He’s a leader in everything he does. He has the utmost character and integrity,” he said. “He makes great decision, and brings the other guys along. He’s a super guy. His mom, dad and step dad are the best that there are. Wake is just getting a great kid.”

Allen’s main recruiter for Wake Forest in Georgia has been defensive line coach Dave Cohen.  

“The absolute best,” Mobbs said about Cohen. “I say that in a very meaningful way. He’s a relationship guy. He spends time in the school. He’s a great football coach who knows what it’s like at this level, having worked his way up from Division III to Division II to now at Wake Forest.

“I’m proud and happy for them on the success they’ve had early this season and hope it continues. He’s a solid coach who I’ve enjoyed getting to know in a personal way.”

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