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Clawon 'not even close' to using Kendall Hinton

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson answered questions from the media following the Deacs 21-13 loss to Army Saturday at BB&T Field.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Wake Forest (5-3, 2-2) dropped a disappointing 21-13 decision Saturday night to Army (5-3) Saturday night at BB&T Field.

Here’s the conclusion of Wake coach Dave Clawson’s Q&A with the media following the loss.

On John Wolford not seeming to be comfortable or in a rhythm

Clawson: “He missed throws in the first quarter and didn’t look settled. Then in the second quarter, when we played fast, he settle down. Then late in the game, he looked really unsettled again.”

On the difficulty of deciding to play fast considering the offensive style of Army

Clawson: “They were switching their blitzes, but then they weren’t getting lined up. Anytime we moved the ball, it was because we went fast trying to score points. Their offense is going to do what their offense is going to do. I thought by playing fast and making 1st downs, we were staying on the field more. In the first half, time of possession was basically even.”

On controlling the Army running game for awhile

Clawson: “In the first half, yeah. Even for awhile in the 3rd quarter. But you can only have so many red zone opportunities — again, we kicked three field goals today, missing one of them. That turnover right after the half, you have to make that a touchdown. That’s two weeks in a row where we’ve generated turnovers, but don’t convert to points.”

On the Scotty Washington ball in the end zone

Clawson: “You have to hold onto it. Gotta hold onto it. You have to go up, make the play, control the ball and leave no doubt.”

On Army performing better offensively in the second half

Clawson: “They’re tough. They’re tough kids and they wore us down. They outplayed us.”

On if he was close to using Kendall Hinton

Clawson: “No. Not even close. We thought we’d have him go out in pregame, moreso to give him another practice and get him going to see how he felt. But no, he’s not cleared to play yet. He’s not cleared. We’d love to get him back. That would help us a great deal. He makes plays and gives us explosive plays, but he’s not cleared yet, so we have to keep pushing forward.”

On maybe using Kyle Kearns

Clawson: “No. John (Wolford) is so much more prepared to play and knows the offense. With all the different blitzes they were bringing and the odd fronts. You had to set the protections right. We weren’t going to do that.”

On if this was the worst loss he’s had at Wake

Clawson: “They’re all really painful. Everyone of them is awful. But it’s a coaching challenge. We have to get these guys back. We’ve won a lot of close games this year. This is the first really close game that was a one-score game in the 4th quarter that we didn’t win. We need to learn how to play into November. By most years, we have not played meaningful games at this point in the year. And now we are. The season is a marathon, not a sprint. We have not been a good late-October, November program since 2008. Our practice this week was not good. I was not happy Wednesday, and I wasn’t happy with our Thursday practice. When I walked off the field Wednesday, I did not have a good feeling and I told the team that. I think everybody wants to talk about having turned the corner and turned the program, but it’s never turned. You’ve never arrived. It’s a week-in, week-out execution battle. We didn’t get it done this week.”

Of if the staff has to learn how to coach in November

Clawson: “I think you have to push the team through it, and they have to make a decision that they’re going to come out every week and get better. This staff has been together a lot of years at different schools. We’ve had years in October and November where we’ve run the table. We’ve got to get out players to press through in November.”

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