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Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson recaps loss to UL

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson answers questions from the media following the Deacs 44-12 loss Saturday night at Louisville.

LOUISVILLE, KY — After coming into the fourth quarter leading the Cards 12-10, the Deacs wore down and surrendered 32 fourth-quarter points in a 44-12 loss Saturday at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium. 

Clawson opening statement:

“So, it’s really a game of two halves. The first half i thought our guys came out ready to go, played hard and we were up 12 to nothing. Then, we gave up 44 consecutive points. So, disappointed, you know you look at the score and it appears we got blown out. We had the lead going into the 4th quarter. The first half we moved the ball up and down the field. The second

half we couldn’t get anything offensively and defensively we just gave up too many big points.

Big plays in the second half. And we got a little nicked up, we got guys in there that aren’t ready

to go. We got thin on both sides. We really did. We’re playing with some young guys that just

aren’t ready to play in a game like this against a team like that. And it caught up with us.”

Question about frustration about getting field goals instead of touchdowns in the first half

Clawson: “It’s really frustrating. We moved the ball between the 20s but couldn’t move the ball

inside the 20s. And you have to be able to win one on one matchups on the outside and we

have not done that consistently all year and tonight was another example of that.”

Question about the officiating.

Clawson: “I have no comment.”

Question about if (Lamar) Jackson was everything he thought

Clawson: “Yeah, he’s the real deal. But we played great football against him for three quarters.

We really held him down, tackled him and sacked him and pressured him. It’s 12-10 after three

quarters. And it’s incredibly disappointing to then lose it 44. Our kids played their heart out for

three quarters. It’s game ten and we’re getting thin. We don’t have depth. And our depth got

exposed tonight in a big way.”

Question about if the play was the most physical all year

Clawson: “It’s hard to say. Last week was a physical game. Certainly Florida State was a

physical game. NC State was a physical game. A lot of physical games. These guys are really

physical. When we had to throw the ball we just got completely overwhelmed up front.”

Question about Louisville stopping the run in the second half

Clawson: “Yeah, they started loading the box and we took some shots down field. We got a

couple of penalties. I mean, what was our long pass? 18 yards? To Alex Bachman on a

comeback. And Cortez (Lewis) 17 yards. We don’t make explosive plays in the pass game. And

that has been our achilles all year. We’re just not getting behind people. Whether it’s the

protection or the throw, or getting open to make the play, we don’t do that consistently against

good football teams. And because of that we’re one dimensional. It worked last week and this

week it didn’t work.”

Question about lack depth due to injuries

Clawson: “We’ve been in really good shape and then the last two weeks we’ve just got

decimated. It just happens in waves. We’re playing all freshman and sophomores on the

offensive line again and our secondary and linebacking core got really thin. And against, this

isn’t a group that you want your second level and third level of your defence to be thin.”

Question about lessons learned from this game

Clawson: “We came to play. Obviously the number six team in the country we had a lead going

into the 4th quarter. We have to learn to finish. We have to be able to execute our schemes for

four quarters. And do what we’re coached to do. And we just didn’t finish. And it’s been that way

all three years against these guys. Every year against these guys we get to the 4th quarter with

a lead or a chance to win and we don’t finish. And you have to put good teams away. And

they’re a good football team and we didn’t put them away. And whether it’s not getting

touchdowns in the first half or what we failed to do in the second half. Again, you win the time of

possession 39 to 21. That was the plan. But you have to score red zone touchdowns and we


Question about recipe to win at Louisville

Clawson: “We did that. But, you know, you’ve got to score some touchdowns. If you’re not going

to score touchdowns you’re not going to win games. So you’re kicking field goals so you know,

12 points. If those 12 points are 28 points it’s a much different game.”

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