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Wake investigation "concludes" with lingering questions

Taking a look at the Wakeyleaks investigation 'conclusion.'

It was early afternoon Tuesday when the rumors began to swirl — Wake Forest was set to release information that afternoon pertaining to the Wakeyleaks investigation.

The implication was that big news was about to drop.

It was big, but not the news any of us expected.

Say it ain’t so, Tommy.

According to the release, Tommy Elrod, who has been associated with Wake athletics for nearly 20 years, has been feeding information to opposing teams periodically over the last three years.

It’s nearly unfathomable. If the Wake coaching staff can’t trust Tommy Elrod, who can they trust?

Although the press release included the word “concludes” in regards to the investigation, this is far from done. Nearly 20 hours after the release there are still far more questions than answers — and the folks who can help fill in the information gaps aren’t speaking.

As I tweeted last night, this story is far from complete. Journalists all across the ACC are currently scurrying around in effort to see if the schools they cover were involved in this scandal.

“We have notified everybody that needs to be notified. It's up to them to take the appropriate action,” Wake Forest football SID Steve Shutt told me last night.

But if that notification came via a phone call instead of in writing, it won’t be subject to any Freedom of Information requests, so then it’s probably down to just one thing — reporters digging for ANY correspondence between staff members and Elrod himself, if those emails and texts haven’t already been scrubbed.

Here’s just 10 questions for now:

1) Why? Beyond pure conjecture, what is the actual reason for these actions?

2) Has the league office been notified and in what manner will they be involved?

3) What potential penalties exist for programs to receive and use this information?

4) Just how widespread did Elrod’s transgression spread? How many games were impacted?

5) Is it conceivable that wins and losses were impacted? Wake has lost eight games by one score or less in Clawson’s three years at the helm.

6) Quarterback John Wolford has been sacked in the neighborhood of 100 times in his Wake career. How many extra hits did he take that were the result of advanced scouting provided by Elrod?

7) How will the team respond to this? It’s less than two weeks before they take the field against Temple in the Military Bowl.

8) Was money and/or gambling involved in this in any way?

9) Elrod has an attorney representing him. Why? Wake has indicated they aren’t moving forward with any litigation.

10) Why? Why? WhyWhyWHYWHYWHHHHYYYYY? Elrod has been associated with the program for nearly 20 years? What would possibly lead him to betray the program where he played, coached and built a career? It’s unfathomable and inexplicable. Why?

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