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Will Wakeyleaks impact recruiting for the Deacs

Demon Deacon Digest spoke with Chase Monroe about Wakeyleaks.

With Wakeyleaks dominating both the local and national college football landscape today, I decided to take it one step further.

I’ve seen a few random comments that this type of activity could potentially be used against Wake Forest in recruiting battles, so I decided to go straight to a fantastic source on this matter  — Davidson Day (N.C.) linebacker Chase Monroe, a three-star Wake commit, and a player that very well could make an immediate impact for the Deacs.

On if he thinks this could be used by other coaches on the recruiting trail

Monroe: “Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a coach telling me to not go to Wake because their stuff gets leaked. This is the first I’ve ever heard of something like this and it just seems like a freak thing, and probably won’t happen again in forever. The dominant team is going to win either way, in my opinion. Obviously, it can give you an edge, but I wouldn’t let something like that keep me from committing to a school or let a coach use that against them.”

On his initial thoughts when he saw the news break yesterday

Monroe: “It was kind of an annoyance. I’m shocked someone would do that to their alma mater. I couldn’t imagine myself leaking Davidson Day’s coverages to Charlotte Latin. I couldn’t picture myself doing that. It’s just crazy in my opinion.”

On if he got much in the way of negative recruiting

Monroe: “I’ve never really heard much about Wake. Just in general, people in general — not coaches, will try to focus on the things they can easily see. They will focus on the size of the stadium, the facilities and the lack of coaching experience (of various programs). They don’t take into account the overall picture of the program and how you fit into it. As the recruit, you see all these things that other people can’t. They don’t know the full picture or the full story. I’ll just use this as an example, they might say the Oregon’s uniforms are so much nicer than Oregon State’s. Why would you go to Oregon State, or something stupid like that.”

On what he’s been up to since the season ended

Monroe: “I’ve been working out Monday thru Friday. I’m not playing any other sports or anything. I’m focused on getting big for next season and staying in touch with the coaches. I’ve had my home visits and I’m pumped up for next year. I’m excited about getting up there in June and getting started.”

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