Football Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Head Coach Jim Grobe
On the health of the team: ¡§I wish we had not lost Moroz because that was an area of concern to begin with, but other than that, most of the kids practiced on Monday. So if we don¡¦t get anybody banged up we ought to be pretty much at full strength.¡¨

On quarterback Cory Randolph: ¡§Cory has exceeded my expectations. The key for us is going to be how well the other ten play. I don¡¦t have a doubt that Cory Randolph can get the job done. We need to protect him up front, our running backs need to do a good job of running the football and taking care of the ball, and we need to catch it. I think he¡¦s going to deliver the football, he¡¦s going to run the offense the way we want it run. He¡¦s going to be nervous since this is his first game starting but I like Cory Randolph and I really believe this guy can be special.¡¨

On Boston College: ¡§I think we¡¦re in each other¡¦s footprints, so to speak. I was really hopeful that Boston College would be admitted to the ACC. I think that they would be a perfect addition as a team that is going to a bowl game every year plus they have great academic tradition. They¡¦re very similar to us in that academics are important, but they also play great football. I¡¦ve told our players, and they know, that what we want to do is every year be a team that is looked at with respect from a football standpoint and a team that is expected to be in a bowl game after the season. Boston College right now is where we want to be. We want to get to a point where we put a string of bowl games together and people just start expecting us to be in the postseason.¡¨

On Saturday¡¦s game: ¡§I think they were one of the top two teams in offense in the Big East last year. They have an all-american type running back and a great offensive line. That¡¦s the problem, I think we need to be better defensively but they¡¦re really good offensively, so they are going to challenge us. They¡¦ve always been very disciplined the way you would expect a team like Boston College to be. I really think that our defense and special teams have to take some pressure off our offense.¡¨

Junior Linebacker Brad White On the Deacs¡¦ gameplan: ¡§We have to step up early and take the pressure off the offense. We have no doubt that the offense is going to perform. But I don¡¦t think they need any added pressure of feeling like they have to put up 40 points in the game. We¡¦re going to try and take that pressure off them and keep the score down. If Boston College can¡¦t score, they can¡¦t win.¡¨

On the defense: ¡§Last year, being a little younger, we took for granted that we were doing well. But we understand that every drive is important this year. So we try to come out every drive with intensity, come off the sidelines like its our first series. I think that really helps, especially in the red zone. We¡¦re a team that believes we can keep you out of the end zone. If you kick a field goal, we¡¦ll take it. But we¡¦ll band together and won¡¦t let you cross that goal line.¡¨

Sophomore Quarterback Cory Randolph
On why he chose Wake Forest: ¡¨Up until signing day, I had verbally committed to go to UCF. But I came here on a visit and just fell in love for the place. I felt the ACC would be a good place because its very competitive and there¡¦s a lot of talent. I felt like if I wanted to come in and show everyone what I had, I had to step up to a bigger level and the ACC provided that. So that¡¦s why I chose Wake Forest.¡¨

On the start of the season: ¡§I¡¦m excited. We¡¦ve worked hard especially this summer with two-a days. This is a chance for us to go out there and show what all this hard work has done for us this summer.¡¨

On his role in the offense: ¡§I try to go out there and execute and lead this team down the field. We want to move the ball up and down the field. We don¡¦t want to go three and out or have turnovers. We want to score seven, but we¡¦ll take three.¡¨

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