Football Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Head Coach Jim Grobe
On last Saturday¡¦s 32-28 come-from-behind victory over Boston College: ¡§Last week was a great start to say the least, but there is always a lot to correct after the first week. We had some concerns about the toughness of our young guys, but they really showed character there in the fourth quarter. They really shot themselves in the foot early, but they stepped up late and sure performed when it counted.¡¨

On the rough start against Boston College: ¡§We definitely took some hits there in the backfield early, but we will be ok. It really put our defense in a bind. That might have been the most our defense has been on the field in the two years here at Wake Forest. The offense was just not able to get any rhythm until the fourth quarter, which threw us off-balance for most of the day. We got Chris Barclay and Cornelius Birgs back and they showed some serious character in the last couple of drives. They could hardly walk on the sideline, but they gave us enough of a threat in the running game that it allowed us to make some big plays in the passing game.¡¨

On this weekend¡¦s opponent, NC State: ¡§NC State was very impressive Saturday. They were not only able to win big, but win big using a lot of players. They did not seem to miss a beat - even after they pulled the starters. Offensively, you can¡¦t really stop them. You hope to slow them down enough so that in the fourth quarter you find yourself with a chance to win the ball game. We really must not make mistakes that allow the big play. Defensively, no matter who is on the field they have 11 guys that can run. If you have 11 guys on the field that can fly to the football, you are going to stop a lot of people.¡¨

¡§Last week was a great win, but we are not too far ahead of ourselves. This program is still a work in progress. It will take more than just one game, or one season even. We took a great step, but this week is another notch. NC State will be a much tougher challenge, even at home. I do not have to say what a win over NC State would do for this program.¡¨

Senior Linebacker Dion Williams
On gaining respect: ¡§We think about it, but that comes with time. We have the respect of the teams we play, but as far as the public goes, they don¡¦t really know too much about Wake Forest football yet. That starts now with us winning and winning. But winning the respect of the public is not our goal going into the game. Our goal is to play like a team and win games while having fun doing it.¡¨

On playing NC State: ¡§They have a great team. That¡¦s why you play football, to play these top ranked teams so you can say you played against the best. We¡¦re excited that State¡¦s coming to play us at home on television. This is why you play football and I think the whole team is ready.¡¨

r-Freshman Wide Receiver Willie Idlette
On his 75-yard touchdown run against Boston College: ¡§That¡¦s one of our good plays. Our line blocked well, and the fullback gave me a good block. Once I got past the linebackers I saw green, so I just ran.¡¨

On the Deacs¡¦ passing game against BC: ¡§Being a receiver, you always want your team to pass. I think it helps that everyone was together on the same page with the passing game. The line blocked great, and Cory (Randolph) was putting the ball in positions where we could catch it.¡¨

On preparing to face NC State: ¡§We were working on it last night. Boston College is behind us now and we can focus on the game this weekend. I think their defense is good. It¡¦s going to be a tough game. Our defense knows what they have to do and the offense knows what we have to do against their defense. Playing in front of our fans is always fun, especially with the caliber of team NC State has. They¡¦ll be motivated, but our fans are going to be behind us, and that's really going to help us.¡¨

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