Cam Goode

3-star DT Cam Goode recaps Wake visit

3-star defensive tackle Cam Goode details exactly what he's looking for in a college.

St. John’s College (Washington, DC) High School defensive tackle Cam Goode visited Wake Forest Friday.

“I met with coach Clawson. Saw the facilities and met with the position coach and spoke about some defensive line stuff,” he said. “We ended with a campus tour. They want to get me back up there, since I’m really interested in Wake Forest.”

The 6-foot, 315 pound 3-star DT was impressed with the facilities at Wake.  

“They’re building a new facility to connect with the indoor, that will have the weight room and new offices,” Goode said. “They say it will be done by about 2018, which would be when I get there. I love the facilities. I love what they’re starting to do. It’s going to be beautiful.

“They’re a Power 5 football program, but they also have powerful academics. It’s a first class education.”

He left a little early Saturday to take in Junior Day activities at Duke. He made it just in time for the Wake vs. Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.  

“I was going to go back down to Duke and see the campus, because I was late,” Goode said. “They gave me the open opportunity come whenever.”

Goode said his brother goes to school in Winston-Salem, which should allow him the opportunity to hit both Duke and Wake in the future.  

Goode has offers from Syracuse, Wake Forest, Michigan State, Rutgers and Virginia Tech. He said interest has been heating up of late.

“Not sure when I’ll make a decision,” he said. “I’m starting to blow up a little bit. I’m also cool with the schools who have offered me. I’m going to visit every school and evaluate.”

He laid out the four qualities he’s looking for at the next level:  

“First I’m looking for the academics. The academics have to be there for me, because I want the best opportunity.

“Second is the football facilities and the coaching staff. I want to connect with the coach, and I don’t want to be coached by somebody I don’t feel safe around.

“Playing time and what it looks like in terms of player development to my full potential.

“Student body. If the student body isn’t connected to the football team, they aren’t going to catch my eye. I want to be connected. I want it to feel like a big family on campus both on and off the field.”

He plans on playing both sides of the football in his senior season at St. John’s.  

“Every school has offered me for defense, but I want to become more dynamic and powerful on offense,” Goode said. “I was to be versatile. I want to be able to do both.”

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