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Deacs complete Spring practice No. 2 before Spring Break

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson recaps spring practice No. 2.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Deacs wrapped up spring camp practice No. 2 in cool, windy conditions at the Doc Martin Practice Complex Thursday afternoon. 

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson chatted with the media after meeting with the team "Leadership Council" following the workout. 

On the second practice

Clawson: "We had good energy and good tempo. Now the guys get a week off with their spring break. I always like getting these two practices in and getting them going with football. We get them thinking with schemes and technique. Now, they're off for a little bit and we pick it up a week from Tuesday." 

On setting routines

Clawson: "I don't think you ever want routine. I think practice is always a little better when you change it up. We also want our guys anxious to play football. The one thing with playing in a bowl — which is what we want every year — is that the break isn't that long. It doesn't feel like we got away from football that long. Just two months ago we were in a game, and that helps. We got our freshmen a lot of reps during bowl practice and you can see how much better they are now. I like where we're at. We are thin in a few positions, but we just have to stay healthy and keep spring productive."

On looking like he was ready to get in the middle and participate

Clawson: "I enjoy my job. This is a lot of fun. I enjoy spring. In many ways, it's my favorite part of the year, because you really get to coach guys, develop them and help them get better. There's not a game plan that you have to put in. You get your hands on players, develop them and make them better. That is one of the most rewarding parts of coaching, is seeing a kid like Thomas Cole come in here at 200-whatever pounds. Now, he's 244, he's blocking people, running, knows the offense, and playing fast and confident."

On what his final message was to the team before breaking for 10 days

Clawson: "We always say, 'Protect the team.' You put all this time into building your body up with early morning lifting and running. It happens all over college football in February and March — guys make mistakes. We just want to make sure socially they're doing things right. We want them to take care of their bodies during spring break whether they are going home or some exotic port of call. We want them to work out and keep their body right."

On having a special guest for practice

Clawson: "His name is Brian Klingerman. In 1993 I was the running back coach at Lehigh, and is 1994 and 95 I was the offensive coordinator under coach (Kevin) Higgins. Brian Klingerman was a running back and receiver for us, who was just one of the greatest competitors I've ever coached — just hard-nosed and tough. He ended up being a First Team All-American for us. He was undersized and not very fast, but he just played with so much toughness, that he willed himself into becoming a great football player. Now, 22-to-24 years later, he's here with his daughter and is in the area. I love those relationships in coaching college football." 

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