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Deacs score 7 rushing TDs in scrimmage

The Wake Forest defense scored seven rushing touchdowns while putting up 51 points in a scrimmage Friday night.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Wake Forest defense created quite a commotion as they drove Cade Carney down three yards behind the line of scrimmage.

Demon Deacon coach Dave Clawson has just started a situational drill and this situation was the first possession of overtime. The Wake defense quickly turned 1st-and-10 into 2nd-and-13 and had momentum on their side.

Carney took the 2nd down handoff too, however, and flattened defender Demetrius Kemp en route to picking up a 1st down. Carney got the ball on the next play too, and stiff-armed cornerback Amari Henderson on his way to the end zone.

Carney finished with 106 yards and three touchdowns on 11 carries.

“Obviously, Cade Carney continues to improve and get better and is becoming a force,” Clawson said. “Matt Colburn looked good and Christian Beal got some carries and made the most of it.”

Overall, it was a scrimmage dominated by the offense, who scored seven rushing touchdowns.

“Probably for the first time since we’ve been here, the offense got after the defense and dominated the scrimmage,” Clawson said.  “I thought the offense played physical, made big plays in the passing game, was very efficient, converted third downs and scored touchdowns in the red zone.

“As always, it’s good news and bad news. The good news is our offense is clearly getting better.  Some of the older kids are clearly becoming more consistent playmakers.”  

Here’s what Clawson shared with us after the scrimmage.

On the scrimmage

Clawson: “On defense we’re a little short handed with Jaboree (Williams) out, and we’re not playing Duke (Ejiofor) much. But that certainly isn’t up to the standard we’re used to with our defense.”

On Jaboree Williams

Clawson: “Just general sickness. It wasn’t an injury. It was flu-like symptoms on Thursday, so we were worried he’d be dehydrated and weak. He’s played a lot of football.”

On Jamie Newman

Clawson: “It’s just general sickness. I really wanted to get Jamie some reps. We wanted to get Jamie some reps live, so we could see him run it a little bit — put him under the fire a little bit. He hasn’t played football in awhile. We’ll get him back next week. Those things happen. It gave us an opportunity to get Kendall (Hinton) and Kyle (Kearns) a little more reps.”

On if he thought Hinton was more accurate than last week

Clawson: “I really don’t even notice which quarterback is in. I just watch the whole operation, whether it’s clean or not. For instance, last week I didn’t really notice that John’s (Wolford) completion percentage was so much better than Kendall’s. I just get a general feel for the offense, then I go back and look at the film. Obviously, those guys look so different, you’d think I would notice that. If I know the play is going to the right, I look at the point of attack. If there’s a route, then I’ll watch the critical route and the matchup on the perimeter. If the throw is good, then I’ll look back to see who threw it.”

On the chemistry between Chucky Wade and John Wolford

Clawson: “John is a big reason that Chuck is here. John is one of the greatest young men I’ve ever had the privilege to coach, and we trust John. We asked John about Chucky and he said, ‘Absolutely coach, and he fits here.’ I don’t know what John is going to do when he’s done with football, but I’ve already offered him a job on the staff as an evaluator (laughs). Nah, he’s probably go into business and be making six or seven figures. Whenever John wants to coach, he’ll have a spot on my staff.”

On the running game

Clawson: “Good. It all goes back to when you’re the coach there’s two sides of the ball. I never get too happy about the success of one side of the ball, because I worry about the other side. I don’t think it’s bad for our program for our offense to have a day like today. It’s good. Our offensive guys got some confidence. Now you have to make sure the offense responds.”

On the amount of offensive experience returning

Clawson: “This is part of building the program. On offense, we’ve never been old. There’s only four seniors on the whole offense. It’s still a young football team. It’s still a small senior class. We’re going to be a developmental program. We are now, we will be in five years and we will be in 10 years. I don’t see that changing here. So our best football will be played between their third and fifth year. Every now and then, we may steal a Jessie Bates or have a young, dynamic guy take off. But we will be good when the majority of our team is third to fifth year guys. You’d love to have a senior class every year of 12-to-18 players. That’s your core leadership group. We’re a year away from that. But the good news is that group has played a ton of football.”

On Cam Serigne

Clawson: “He had an ankle sprain. He turned an ankle in a drill a week ago. When you have a guy like Cam Serigne, Jaboree Williams or Duke Ejiofor you’re going to be really smart. We’ve seen them in the dance and know what they can do. If Cam Serigne can’t practice for three or four days, that means we get Brandon Chapman and Thomas Cole stealing 15-30 extra reps, that’s an investment in our program.”

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