Deacons In On Georgia DT

Recruiting's off to a fast start for Neil Brown of Georgia. With a couple handfuls of offers, he's one of the better prospects in the loaded state of Georgia. How does Wake stand with Brown?

"Well the recruiting is going alright I guess," Neil Brown said. "It's kinda harder than I thought it was going to be. Some of the schools I like are Nebraska and the schools that have offered me. I don't have a solid top five, but 3 of my favorites are Wake Forest, Vanderbilt and Nebraska. I'm definitely going to set up official visits to those."

"I also like Auburn but they haven't offered me so I probably will not take an official to a school like that. I like Louisville also and Duke, Duke is in there also. Then there's Mississippi State."

Which schools have offered Brown at this point? "Wake Forest, Duke, Mississippi State, UAB, Middle Tennessee, UConn, Louisville, Central Florida, Indiana, Vanderbilt, and BYU have sent me offers," he said.

Brown, who has had in excess of 15 coaches call early in the September contact period, noted that there are a lot of things he likes about the Demon Deacon program.

"Well, a guy we played last year, Micah Andrews, went there and signed with them," Brown said. "He always talked about the coaching staff and how it's similar to theres who is similar to ours. And I talked to coach Mullins at Wake and he's a pretty good guy. I used to live in North Carolina, about 15 minutes from Wake and I know it's a great school. The football is getting good too so it is a pretty good mixture."

Brown was also impressed with Wake's win over N.C. State. Brown noted that the Deacs win shows that the Deacons are on the way to beginning a new football tradition in Wake Forest.

"They're starting a new tradition at Wake," Brown said. "Why follow a tradition when you can be a part of starting a new one. It gives you something to work for and Wake's still kind of the underdog and I like that because people overlook you so it gives you a reason to practice harder and get better fundamentals."

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