Football Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Head Coach Jim Grobe On any possible lack of emotion: "Our job is not about pumping the guys up, that is their job. Our job is to coach them, concentrate on the fundamentals and have them ready to play."

On the 24-7 loss to Georgia Tech Saturday: "There have been three games since I got here that I have been really disappointed with our response to a challenge. The first time we played FSU, we had that 'deer-in-the- headlight' look, then at Maryland last season and Saturday against Georgia Tech. We usually compete for four quarters, even against adversity, but that did not happen Saturday."

"We just need to keep getting better. We did some things in spurts Saturday, but missed out on some big plays that could have gotten us points."

"I expected that type of game maybe earlier in the season. We sputtered on offense and our defense was too inconsistent. Georgia Tech played good football, but we just did not give it our best shot."

On the matchup with Duke: "Duke is a physical, tough football team. They are much improved and have some confidence now. This is the ACC, so they have very good football players. They run the ball and throw the ball with nice balance. We have had two barn-burners with them. We have been fortunate to come away with two victories. We need to play hard in order to win the football game. We have lost two football games in a row, so we need to concentrate on Wake Forest."

On the official invitation of Boston College to the ACC: "We really wanted Boston College from the beginning. They are in the same footprint as us academically and they have a football program that we aspire. It just seems like a perfect fit for the ACC."

Sophomore Running Back Chris Barclay On losing two straight games: "Its definitely a change. Its important for a team to go through adversity in order to try the team's character. We're still confident in ourselves and the coaching staff is still confident in us and know that we can do good things. Its just up to us to go out and execute and we haven't done that the past few weeks."

On last week's 24-7 loss to Georgia Tech: "We lacked intensity last Saturday. That's what we're going to try and capitalize on in future games. To come out with intensity like our hair is on fire and play every snap like its our last one. That's what we lacked against Georgia Tech, and it showed up and came to a head."

On Saturday's game at Duke: "We're hungry for a win as well. Duke has good players, scholarship players and they're going to come out and play. They have a lot of talent on that team and I think it will be a good game. We're both trying to get a win and those guys are really playing hard."

Senior Free Safety Quintin Williams On being a leader: "Personally, I lead by example. Whether it is working hard in practice, the weight room or class room. I try to set an example for the other guys to follow."

On the loss to Georgia Tech: "It was frustrating, especially watching film. We played so good against NC State, probably the best we have played since I got here and then to see the last two games has been tough. Virginia and Georgia Tech have played well, but you feel like you let those games slip through your fingers. As a player, you never like to feel like you could have done better."

On the level of emotion: "Our emotion has been the same before the game, but it has been different once on the field. We might give up a long drive, then hold their offense to three and out. It is just a matter of being consistent. We can't have one good series, one bad series. I don't accept that and I know the rest of the defense does not either."

On Duke: "We respect Duke just like everyone else in this league. Like Coach Grobe says, we can beat anyone in this league and anyone can beat us. They have a lot of talent and can play with anyone. I am always impressed with their fight. They never give up. They fight on every play for all four quarters as if it was a bowl game. We can't take them for granted. They are a good football team."

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