First Offer In For Tipton

Lynchburg Christian Academy linebacker/fullback Tyler Tipton is off to a great start in his senior season. That's already earned him one offer -- and he's hoping for more...

"We are 6-0," Tyler Tipton said. "We've played Greenbriar Christian from around the Hampton area, Hargrave Military, Atlantic Shores from around the Virginia Beach area, Fuqua, Christ Church around Charlottesville, and Covenant also around Charlottesville."

Tipton, a strong player with great athletic ability, has good size at 6'1 ½, 210-pounds. This season, Tipton has been playing several positions. "I play fullback and linebacker, but I don't know my stats, but I've gotten a pretty good touchdowns per carry ration and average about 13-yards per carry. Also, our quarterback broke his leg and I've taken a few snaps. At linebacker, I average 14 tackles per game and we run a 50 and I run in the middle. I have three interceptions and one return for a touchdown. It was 42-yards."

Statistically, Tipton is having a strong season for Lynchburg Christian Academy – but he's also begun to come into his own as a linebacker. "My coaches, it's a running joke that I'm learning how to play linebacker this year," he said. "Before, I was making it by on athleticism, but now I'm reading the guards and down linemen. So far, I have a total of 22 tackles for a loss. We catch them in the backfield a lot."

Tipton's marked improvement has kept schools around the area interested in him and has also earned him one early scholarship offer. "I'm sending tape every week to the University of Pittsburgh where one of my teammates committed. I went to camp up there so they were real interested. Coach Babers has been down to the school. I've sent film to Wake Forest and [Virginia] Tech is sending me a tape in a few weeks to send them film. I've been offered by Liberty."

Even though one offer is on the table for Tipton, the Lynchburg, Va. native notes that he will wait a while before deciding on the school of his choice. "I'm probably going to wait out and see what other offers I get and pray I don't get injured," he said. "I'm going to try to get as much on the table as I can before I decide."

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