Football Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Head Coach Jim Grobe
On the way Wake Forest beat Duke last Saturday: "Well for us, more than anything else, we needed some confidence back. We had lost a couple in a row - one we played pretty well against Virginia and then another we played real ugly against Georgia Tech. We needed to bounce back regardless of who we were playing. We needed to play better as a football team. We played with more energy and did some really good things."

On the Demon Deacons' chances of winning this weekend: "Certainly, with Florida State you are talking about a school with some of the best talent in the country. They have one of the best coaches of all time and a tremendous coaching staff. They are very talented and do a great job coaching. It is going to take our best effort to beat them. We will get a good effort out of our players, but again you have to realize you are playing one of the better programs in the country. To beat them, you have to play at a real high level. We are going to give it our best shot."

"We played five games to start the season at a pretty high level. Two years ago, we let the crowd and the environment really get us out of the game. That was disappointing. We played really poorly. I hope we can go down and play with some energy, but also play smart football."

On Florida State: "They do not let anyone do anything real too well against them, whether it be run the football or throw the football. The key for us will be to take care of the football. You know your are going to have some problems running the football and throwing. They are just a good solid football team. The key is to move the football and take care of it. That is going to be big for us."

On any possible weaknesses with Florida State: "Not really, they are good in the kicking game, good offensively and as good as anyone in the country defensively. You are just not going to see any weaknesses cause they have so much talent and they are well coached. "

Senior Linebacker Kellen Brantley
On the interception return for a touchdown against Duke this past Saturday: "The ball was thrown right to me. I saw nothing but green. I knew where I was going. I just had to catch the ball. I wanted to make sure I did not drop it. I dropped one my freshman year that I still hear about from the guys."

On the feeling of scoring a touchdown as a defensive player: "I played a little running back in high school so I know what it feels like to score, but now on defense it was indescribable. Obviously, on defense it does not happen that often. It was great."

On motivation heading into this weekend's tilt with Florida State: "We were motivated last week because how Georgia Tech had embarrassed us. This week our motivation is simple. We are playing Florida State. Their aura and tradition alone gets you ready to play. If we can't be motivated and ready to play there is something wrong."

"As a Floridian, I take a lot of pride in this game. It is the one game that all my family and friends can come and see me play. I have to play well. I can't play poorly in front of all them."

On Florida State: "Florida State is a great team. We need to have a great week of practice and be ready to go. We did seem flat there for a couple weeks, but we got it fixed. The defense sat down and realized that we got away from the things that made us successful. We need to go to work hard every time out."

"Chris Rix is a dangerous quarterback. He can hurt with his arm and feet. He likes to run around back there, but we have to contain and be disciplined. He can also sit back and throw on you also."

On previous struggles against the Seminoles: "We definitely have more experience this season than in years past. Before, we were not used to being that competitive. Over the last couple of years we have played well on the road. We like to think of ourselves as road warriors. The crowd is a factor, but it won't take us out of the game. We just need to focus."

On the role of turnovers: "Turnovers are important. As a defense, we take pride in forcing them. It is a huge focus of practice every week. This week is no different. Their offense is well rounded in all facets. We need to stay on them each and every play. If you get 11 players around the ball, good things will happen."

Junior Center Blake Lingruen
On facing Florida State: "Florida State is one of those games that everybody wants to play in. They're one of the top programs in the country. As a player, to play those teams is exactly what you're looking for. If we can play a first half like we did last week, we'll have a good shot. I think we're going to be emotionally and physically ready. It is an absolutely amazing environment and there would be nothing better than to walk out of that stadium with a win."

On last week's 42-13 victory over Duke: "We really hadn't been playing our best football the last two games. Last week we were challenged by our coaches and we challenged ourselves. I thought we played really well and I think that's a plus coming into this week. We've got a lot of confidence."

On jumping out to a 42-0 lead over the Blue Devils: "It's definitely not something we're used to. It was nice, but we didn't let up. We've seen leads slip away and we've taken leads away so we knew what could happen."

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