Back From Vandy, DE Shuffles Visits

Anthony Davis is a huge defensive end prospect from a loaded Spring Valley team in Columbia, SC. He has already taken one visit to Wake Forest, and last weekend he went to check out another top school in Vanderbilt. What were his thoughts?

"I had a great time at Vanderbilt," said Davis. "I got to hang out with the players and the coaches. The players showed me the city of Nashville."

Davis has a busy slate still left ahead of him with three official visits left and coaches making his front door a revolving door.

"The coaches from Wake Forest were here tonight (Monday). Clemson is coming in on Tuesday (tonight), and Auburn is coming in either Wednesday or Thursday. I'm still visiting Clemson on January 9th, Kentucky on January 23, and Auburn on January 30th."

Davis does not get the attention that two of his more heralded teammates get, Leon Hart and Mack Frost, but he is a very good prospect in his own right with a huge upside at 6-6 and 235 pounds.

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