Gardner Narrowing Down Leaders

Andrew Gardner is an offensive tackle with a large frame from Sandy Creek High School. He currently sits at five offers, and three leaders.

"I have offers from Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Navy, and Furman. Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Duke are my leaders," Andrew Gardner said.

This weekend, Andrew went to check out the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. What did he think?

"I liked it. We went to eat a lot. I hung out with a bunch of the older offensive lineman. We got to watch bowl practice and tour the campus. I would give it an 8 or a 9."

What was the best part for Andrew?

"Just getting to watch them practice. Seeing how the coaches interact with the players, and how they run things."

Who were his hosts for his time on the Flats?

"Kyle Wallace and Andy Tidwell-Oneal took me around. They were fun guys. The best thing I did was stomp them in NCAA 2004. When we started playing, I acted like I was going to play with Georgia just see what they would do. They caught on real quick and told me that Georgia was banned in their house," Gardner joked.

How did his visit to Georgia Tech, compare with his visit to Wake Forest a couple weeks back?

"I liked the visits and the schools pretty equally. They did have a different feel because Georgia Tech only had like 2 visitors, while Wake Forest had like 18. That was the big difference between them."

Andrew has scheduled one more visit to Duke for January 9th, and says that one will be his last. He is open among Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, and Duke at this time.

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