Deacs Still On Top For Wolke

After David Wolke visited Wake Forest officially in December, the big-time recruit out of Tennessee favored the Deacs. And he still does -- but Notre Dame, Florida, and Kentucky are still in the race...

A 6-2, 195-pound quarterback from Smyrna, Tennessee, David Wolke has proven himself as one of the nation's best quarterbacks. What is going on with his recruitment these days?

"Not a lot right now," Wolke said. "I'll tell you what, though, Wake Forest is still my leader. They've got great coaches and a beautiful place. They've got everything down there, man."

While the Deacs continue to lead for Wolke's services, he will make three more official visits. "I'm going to Florida January 16th," he said. "I'm going to Notre Dame January 23rd. I'm going to Kentucky January 30th."

Will Wolke definitely take all three of the other officials he has set up? "Oh yeah, definitely," he said. "What if I go to Wake and then find out I should have gone to Florida or something? I've got to take these visits to make sure of where I need to be."

With the recruiting process at a standstill of late due to NCAA declaring the holiday season a dead period, what has the standout quarterback been up to? "Working out, baby, I'm getting bigger," he said. "My dad was a bodybuilder and I've been working out with him since I was twelve," noted the Tennessee native who currently benches 320.

While Wolke has great strength and ability, he also has great confidence and desire to succeed. "Not too long ago, I said [to my dad that] I'm playing college ball on the Division-I level and I'm going to start," he said. "I was watching the Army All-American game the other day and I feel like I can and will be better than all of them and that I should have been invited."

Wolke doesn't like confidence in his ability – and he also possesses the motivation to become a star at the college level. "I want to play college ball as soon as I can," he said. "I don't care who is there to compete with me, I'm going to beat them out. I ain't scared to beat out nobody. I really have a lot of confidence in myself. I don't have a big head but I feel like if I go in and work as hard as I can I can compete with anyone."

With that said, the big question is just where he wants to compete. Come February, will he be competing against Cory Randolph and Ben Mauk for the starting job at Wake Forest? Stay tuned…

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