Kelly: "Pretty much...Clemson and Wake"

Walton (GA) wide receiver Aaron Kelley knew that a tough decision would be ahead of him, but after the weekend it will be even harder.

"I came down on Friday, they fed us, and then we went out with our hosts; my host was Tony Ellis.

"The next day they showed us the campus, dorm rooms, and we talked to the teachers. Then we got jerseys, ran down the hill, and touched the rock. After that they had the banquet, which was really nice. The players were dressed in tuxedos, we had a meal, and then the players took us out again.

"Sunday we had breakfast and then I talked to Coach Bowden. He talked about how many scholarships they had left, and how it is a numbers game to see if they have space. They are having a lot of commitments right now, so there are some decisions to make."

Kelley says he did not want to commit on the visit, but Clemson is certainly one of his top choices.

I already said I wouldn't commit, but it's a great place to be. They are one of my top choices after going there. Having been there already, I knew I liked it. I went to check out the academics and really good in the way they help their programs. The number of player that already had their degrees before the season started was just amazing. It's going to be a tough decision, and I will probably make it after this weekend."

Kelley visits Duke for what could be his final official visit, but he thinks it will be a two-horse race.

"I think that it's going to pretty much come down to Clemson and Wake, so I need to sit down and think about things."

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