Arnoux Commits To Wake

Stanley Arnoux has made a commitment -- and Deacon fans will be happy with it. Arnoux has decided to be a Demon Deacon...

"I committed to Wake Forest last night," Stanley Arnoux said. "I saw a lot of opportunity there and it's with a young program and they're going to go somewhere. Also, playing in the ACC, they have a chance to go to play in bowl games. Their education is second to none, I think."

"When I went, it was a little cold, but the campus was really nice with lots of trees, brick buildings," he said. "It wasn't that big, but it was real nice and maintained well. It was very impressive and the people there were nice too. Everyone was friendly and got along and they informed me of everything I needed to know."

What did the Wake coaches say when he decided to be a Demon Deacon? "Well, I talked to Coach Grobe," Arnoux said. "He just told me it's a great choice and he's expecting a lot out of me and that I was the #1 linebacker on their board. He's real happy."

Arnoux, who will be a middle linebacker at Wake, noted that he has the chance to step in right away. "I talked to them and I told them if I can play right away, I'd play, but if it's just going to waste a year, I'll red-shirt."

"If I come in ready to play, there's opportunity," Arnoux noted. "If I come in out of shape it'd be real hard. There's four linebackers on scholarship and they're four or five coming in so I could definitely have a shot to play."

Arnoux, who ran a 4.61 forty, currently weighs in at 6'2, 223-pounds.

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