Randle El excited to become a Badger

Distance, winning and a chance to prove himself were the deciding factors

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When Barry Alvarez came to visit Marcus Randle El Monday evening, the Thornton Township star had a number of things on his mind.


"I had a lot of questions for coach Alvarez about would size matter at the quarterback spot?" Randle El said. "Would I be given a fair chance? Would he let me come down and compete? And he told me yes so I really felt good about that."


Randle El has made it no secret throughout the recruiting process that he would like a shot at playing quarterback at the college level. At 5-foot-10, 172 pounds, he may not possess ideal size, but he believes his heart sets him apart.


"That is what I'm going to compete for," said Randle El, who added that he also discussed playing slot receiver and punt returner with Alvarez. "I'm going to be moved around to other positions. My main focus right now is to compete for the QB job. Go in with, not hope, but faith and confidence and try to get it. I like being against the challenges and the odds."


Randle El had long considered Wisconsin along with Indiana, where his brothers Antwaan and Curtis Jr. played, Northwestern. As the decision drew nearer, Northwestern was phased out.


"It was between Wake Forest, Indiana and (Wisconsin) and it was like Wake Forest was too far," Randle El said. "I have a son right now and I love him dearly and I would like to be closer. If anything happened to him I could come back home. While I'm down there I have to take care of things for him.


"It is kind of easier to come home when you are two-and-a-half hours away compared to 12 or 14. Indiana was only four hours—that was cool—but I just felt more comfortable going with Wisconsin, for different reasons. Wisconsin has been winning, Indiana hasn't."


"I committed, I feel happy about the situation," Randle El said. "I feel real comfortable. I'm ready to go get to work. Just go down there and work hard."

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