Wake Forest Offers Big NC WR

The small North Carolina city of Concord is used to seeing the tourism of NASCAR fans. Being the home of Lowe's Motor Speed Way, it's considered one of the hot spots for racing. That fact will never change, but a new breed of visitors will soon begin to flock to Concord. Not to soak in a race, but to check out Jay M. Robinson High School's star receiver Freddie Brown.

Brown, who owns a physically intimating 6-4 200-pound frame, has been the Tar Heel State's best kept secret the past three years in both football and basketball. Quietly, Brown has racked up 86 catches for 1,459 yards and 18 touchdowns the past two seasons.

"Freddie is big and physical," exclaimed Jay M. Robinson's Head Coach Tony Paroli. "He is a quiet individual, but on the field has a lot of intensity and gets emotional and wants to be the go to guy. He is also a very good blocker.

"I think right now, the key thing is the continued development of his speed and his size and strength. As he continues to mature as he has, with that height and limiting ability when you add the physical statue on that it really makes him to be quite an attractive target and someone much shorter will have a tough time defending him."

Not only has his abilities made him an attractive target, but also an attractive Division I-A prospect. Wake Forest became the first to offer Brown a scholarship, with all the other ACC schools also showing interest. At this early stage, Paroli believes Brown is completely wide open, but growing up a fan of the ACC will certainly help those schools.

"He likes the Atlantic Coast Conference a lot, but I think there will be other schools that will have similar interest," stated Paroli. "We really haven't talked about (favorites) so right now I would only be speculating."

Brown also is regarded highly in basketball. Soon Brown might be forced to decide whether to pursue the gridiron or the court.

"Up until now he has been keeping all of his options open," remarked Paroli. "I don't know what his basketball options are right now. I know that football options are becoming more available and certainly more attractive. He is certainly a very serious athlete and a very dedicated young man and would probably look right now to enjoy his college experience and either sport will provide that. Interest in the ACC he has gotten in football I'm sure is something he is pleased about."

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