Minor Expected to be Major Recruit

Varina High School is producing college prospects such at Marcus Charity, Joseph Johnson, Alan-Michael Cash, and Caesar Burton in the class of 2005. The talent pipeline does not end there, however, as tailback Brandon Minor is expected to be one of the top prospects in the class of 2006.

"Tailback Brandon Minor rushed for almost 1,800 yards as a sophomore," Coach Chilcoat said. "He's about 6'2, 215 and going to probably end up breaking our rushing record here [of 4000.]"

Named in the top 20 prospects in the state on several early lists of the top players in 2006, Brandon will get interest from schools throughout the region when schools can contact him on September 1st.

"[Schools] couldn't start sending him anything until September, but we took him to the Nike camp and some places with us to let them see him and he's going to be highly recruited," Chilcoat noted. "I know when we send tape out on Cash and [Johnson] they always asl who he is and we tell them he's just a sophomore."

Like the other top prospects at Varina, his successes and future successes are thanks to his hard work on the field and in the weightroom. "We have to run him out of the weightroom. He lifts then gets a weight vest on and ropes and just works hard. He also plays basketball too – and he's doing a real good job in the classroom too."

A top notch athlete with good size, great work ethic, and impressive grades -- those kind of prospects are hard to find. Now we know why Minor is already rated one of the class of 2006's best.

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