A Leader Emerges in Mike Conley's Recruitment

Mike Conley, a 6-foot-1 point guard from Indiana is a hot commodity on the basketball recruiting scene and he talked with Evan Daniels about his recruitment and even named a leader.

If there were any doubts about Mike Conley before the summer there certainly aren't any now. The 6-foot-1 point guard of Lawrence North High School played his way into being ranked the number one players in his position. Although the recruitment of Conley seems like it just started, the rising junior has a list of four schools and is already naming a leader.

Conley listed Wake Forest, Ohio State, Michigan State, and IU as his top four. He then went on to say that one school leads for his services.

"Wake Forest has an edge, I like the coaches and the university as well as the ACC of course."

One visit wasn't enough for Conley, who has already been to Wake Forest once, and wants to go back for another.

"I went after the Gibbons tournament," said Conley. It was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with Chris Paul. I'm looking forward to visiting Wake again soon," he added.

Conley doesn't have any other visits planned at this point. He did say that he hopes to end his recruitment early by picking a school some time during his junior year.

Many factors are considered by recruits during the recruiting process, some valued more than others, and in Conley's case having the right connection with the coach is the biggest factor in his recruitment.

"Getting to know the coaches and having a relationship with the coach is important. That's the person I'm going to be with for the next 4 years of college."

Over the summer the five star recruit played his way into being the rated the number one player at his position and 14th overall by Dave Telep of TheInsidersHoops.com. Garnering such honors isn't something that comes along every day but Conley says it is something that he has earned.

"I feel pleased, I feel like I worked hard for it over the summer and I feel like I deserved it. There are a lot of good guards and for me to be number one is great."

Most basketball prospects are focused on basketball and basketball only, but that's not the case with Conley. He says that education will play a big role in his recruitment and that's one of the main reason Wake Forest is his leader.

"It's not a very big school, I know at some colleges I could get lost with 200 people in class and education is very important to me in case basketball doesn't work out for me."

Although just a junior Conley has made visits to Wake Forest and Ohio State. Both visits were taken with his AAU and high school teammate, Greg Oden. With Conley and Oden playing on the same teams they have grown close and Conley thinks that they could be teammates at the next level.

"I think it will have a factor, if I go to Wake Forest and he was considering another school I think he would consider going with me. We have played together for a long time so it's a possibility that he would do that."

The high school season is just around the corner and Conley has a few goals in mind and says he has a great team and a chance to lead them to the state championship.

"I want to win state, and mainly just keeping a cool head and have a good junior and keep getting better every game and every day. I already know my team is pretty good. I think we can go as far as we can take ourselves. I know we have a game on national television so I definitely want to play well for that."

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