Thompson: "It Actually Starts With Wake Forest"

Tennessee offensive lineman Mark Thompson knew he could be a good athlete – one that could get a scholarship to play football in college. Still, Thompson was sure to keep his academics in line – he and his parents wouldn't have it any other way.

"My parents have always tried to bring me up the way they thought was best," Mark Thompson said in a telephone interview this past week. "I've always been a good athlete. Neither of my parents went to college and my parents always kept me on top of the books because if I got hurt or something and couldn't play in college, I'd be able to fall back on that. They really wanted to make sure I had my academics in line."

While Thompson has his academics in order, he still has the offers on the table to play football in college as well. Middle Tennessee and Wake Forest are two schools that have offered to date.

The Deacs are looking good for Thompson's services as well. "I have a list and it actually starts with Wake Forest," he said. "Wake Forest is up there at the top probably because I've got an offer to play there and it's a great place. I can't find anything bad about the school."

While Wake leads, other schools are also involved with Thompson. Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, South Carolina, Western Kentucky, and Auburn are all involved with him at this point.

Thompson, who plans to decide after football season, feels that he has a lot to offer to colleges at the next level. "I think I'm good at being a presence," he said. "I like to do things right. I don't think I'm selfish – I like to see others succeed."

Thompson, who comes in at 6'5, 295, currently benches 295 pounds. He squats 430 and power cleans around 280 pounds.

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