Pressure Off For Flintall

Wake Forest running back commitment L.J. Flintall has it easy. With his recruitment over, Flintall can now relax and enjoy his last season of high school football.

To date, that final campaign is going well, although not as well as past years for Flintall and his always powerful Burlington Cummings squad. "Things are going pretty good," L.J. Flintall said. "We are having trouble putting people in the right places, but things are going alright. Not as bad as it could be but not as good as we expected after three [straight years in the championship game] the past three years."

Flintall's Burlington Cummings team is currently 4-2 on the season and has shown some good flashes of late. "We've showed some good signs and some positive signs in some wins, especially against Burlington Williams," Flintall said. "I think I have 300 plus yards in limited carries rushing and 170 yards plus receiving. I think I've scored five or six touchdowns."

Although focused on his senior campaign, Flintall still finds time to keep in touch with the coaches and to visit Wake Forest on game weekends. "I speak to [the coaches] once a week and the past two weeks I've gone up for the games as well. I've really just sat down and enjoyed myself at the 50 yard line. There's no pressure on me now that I'm committed."

Flintall has also met other Deacon commits and prospects as well. "I've talked to a whole lot," he said. "Me and Dominique Midgett, we're real tight. Every week we call each other and find out what we're doing after the [high school] games. [At games] I got to meet Ben Wooster, the guy from Davie County Ted Randolph, Mike Rinfrette, and I met Brandon Ghee also. We all sat at the game and talked."

Flintall has also had a talk with the coaches at Wake about his future, and he plans to take a year to redshirt before seeing time at Wake. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to redshirt my first year," he said. "I'll redshirt a year to get better and let things clear out in front of me."

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