Randolph Winning, Watching

Ted Randolph and his Davie County War Eagles are off to a great start in 2004.

"We're 6-0 right now," Ted Randolph said. "We beat Shelby Crest and they're ranked #1 in the state in the division underneath us and we beat another good for homecoming, Morganton Freedom. The season is going well. I've played well on offense and I'm playing some defensive tackle too and doing well. I'm excited about things."

Although Randolph has not seen the ball much on offense, he has worked hard blocking and on defense as well. "I like blocking alright, especially with a challenge, someone all-conference or all-something. I take that as a challenge to prove myself. I like making pancake blocks and putting them on their backs."

This year, Randolph is happy with his blocking but knows there is room to improve. "I think I've done a pretty good job," he said. "There's always room for improvement. I'm not perfect, there's things I can work on. I'm also trying to work on my speed, trying to get faster, and have quicker feet and make cuts so I can run better routes."

Along with worrying about the season at hand, Randolph has also been trying to make it to Winston-Salem for games. He was unable to make it to the North Carolina A&T game due to Davie County playing on a Saturday. He did make it in for the Boston College game, however.

"I have only been able to go to the Boston College game last week," Randolph said. "It was pretty good. I like going down there and watch where I'm going to be playing next year. I like to talk to the coaches before the game and talk a little game strategy. I like watching the people who play on the offense and see how they move."

Randolph was also able to meet several Deacon commitments this past weekend including fellow tight end Ben Wooster. He plans to attend the rest of Wake's home games as well.

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