Quotes: WF Vs. VT

Postgame quotes from Wake's 17-10 loss to VT.

Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer On going to Imoh so much:
"Well we'll give the ball to him as much as he wants it. Seriously, we did see him begin to cramp up a little, but he's a good player and we will continue to use him as much as possible."

On the increased use of tight ends:
"We have three very good tight ends, we must utilize the talent that we have. Our receivers are younger and are still learning much about college football."

Has Randall reached the bar of Michael Vick yet:
"Well he's a good player, he and Vick cannot really be compared, but Randall is a good leader. He is a team leader that has a lot of heart as well as talent."

Is this the kind of game you expected:
"Absolutely, I told my staff this would be a 60 minute game. It was close, but the defense played well and we made some good plays in key situations through the last seconds."

Did this game feel like an away game:
"We had a lot of fans here didn't we? (haha) Seriously, we have good fans that help us with the momentum of the team and we do appreciate them being willing to travel."

Virginia Tech senior free safety Vincent Fuller on the last Wake Forest drive:
"They did a good job of moving the ball but it doesn't count until you cross the goal line. I thought our defense did a great job at the end, it feels good to finally be on the other side of a close game."

On your first ACC road win:
"This was definitely a big thrill for us as a team. Wake Forest is a heck of a team and it was a great team win for us."

On the crowd:
"I've said it before, but I think our fans are the best in the country. They will travel and I think our crowd noise definitely affected Wake Forest's play."

Virginia Tech senior quarterback Bryan Randall On red zone frustration:
"It has definitely been frustrating for us to not be able to put the ball away when it counts. I thought we should have had 21 points in the first half, but unfortunately we just couldn't put it away. It feels good to finally score in the red zone."

On the last Virginia Tech drive:
"I thought it was a great drive, probably our best of the season. We finally showed that we are capable of scoring efficiently. Fortunately I found some seams in the defense and had some key plays in the end and could finally get us in the end zone."

Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe On taking close games down to the wire:
"It's a crazy thing because it's hard to take these close losses, but on the flip side we're not getting blown out. We're losing but I cannot fault anything they did effort wise. We could have done individual things better but we couldn't have played any harder."

On the last five minutes, were you getting plays that you wanted:
"The thing that we would have liked was to do something on the perimeter, but they were playing low. We felt like the best thing we could do was sit in the pocket and throw the football. We had a couple of chances but we just couldn't get it done."

Would you have gone for two or kicked the extra point if you had scored a touch down:
"I would have gone for the extra point. Our defense played really well until the last series. We couldn't tackle Randall, just couldn't get him down. But I felt like if we could have tied the game, the defense would have come back strong in overtime."

What can you do as coaches to push your guys over the hump:
"I told the guys, we're always looking at what we're doing as coaches, never just looking at the players. We'll look hard at what we're doing and see if what we're asking our guys to do is reasonable. We need the young guys to mature a little bit and play with some more toughness."

On the crowd:
"I thought it was a great atmosphere. Certainly Virginia Tech had at large crowd but I thought our guys enjoyed playing with the crowd today."

On the last two weeks, is there such a thing as a good loss:
"In the end, today was a good loss, I think our guys are tired of coming up short this year. I think we thought we were going to drive back and score and get ourselves a win today but we just ran out of time, play selection wise and couldn't make it happen. That's the problem when you play everything to the wire, nothing can go wrong, everything has to run perfectly. The effort is there we've just got to execute a little better through the course of four quarters."

On the big plays that Randall had:
"Well one of the things we worked on all week long was containing the quarterback. I think we had him a few times and then he would scramble out of it. They're going to get some yards when they pre-determine him to run. I thought for a good period of the game, we contained him well, but that last drive we didn't do a good job."

On the notion that this team is a year away:
"I think we're playing close enough to win, we just haven't been able to get it. The best thing our team can realize is that we're good enough to win games. When we reconvene Monday, we're going to show them why we didn't win this one. The plays that we get beat up on, athletically, we cannot go back and change those on Monday. What we can do, is go back and the times that we didn't block the right guy or close the right gap, those are things we will look at on Monday, the things we can control."

On the off week, how will that affect your team:
"Well I think it will help us as far as guys who are injured. We're really playing decently right now, I think probably as much as anything it might be good for our guys to catch their breath. I told them today in the locker room that this is ACC Football, everyone is good and you've got to play hard every week. It will be nice to sit back and watch everyone else play next week and give our legs a rest."

Senior Wide Receiver Jason Anderson On returning from the ankle injury:
"It was a good call by coach Sherman, he said I wasn't ready to go into the game. He knows me better than I know myself. It took me a couple of series to get back my composure. After halftime, I came back out and I was almost back to normal. I tried to look at it as a normal game, try to come back into it as I would every day. I got out there and it just didn't feel right. I didn't feel comfortable. I wasn't as calm, so coach did a good job in keeping me out for a couple of series. That got me calmed down a bit."

On the close losses:
"They are all so close, real close. Now I'm back on the field and am feeling that loss. The past few weeks I haven't felt that. I felt bad for the team, but I didn't feel what they felt. Now I feel it and it's not a good feeling at all."

On Cory Randolph's third down pass:
"He told me that he had to zip it in there. As receivers, we're supposed to make catches like that, so I probably should have caught it."

Sophomore Free Safety Josh Gattis On the loss:
"These past games that we have lost, we've left it all on the field. In that locker room everybody is hurting. They know that we left it all out on the field, we just need to learn from our mistakes."

On moving on after a loss:
"It gives us motivation during the week. We just have to work harder everyday as the week goes on. This loss really hurts. Most our losses have come by seven points or less, so it's the little things that matter. When you go into the film room on Monday, you have to be really critical of yourself in breaking down the film. You need to see the mistakes that you made so you don't make them again."

On the defensive effort:
"I felt good about my performance today, but I have to give credit to the ten other people on the defense with me. The last turnover I recovered, it was a great play by Jonathan Abbate to jump over the pile. I was the cleanup guy, so I just picked up the ball. I think our defense played very well. They tested our character out there a few times down near the goal line, but sooner or later everyone is going to make mistakes, and we capitalized on their turnovers."

Freshman Linebacker Jonathan Abbate On Virginia Tech quarterback Bryan Randall:
"He's big and strong, but when it comes down to it, you have to tackle him. We had some missed tackles and that's what caused him to get loose. When you have opportunities to tackle their quarterback, you've got to make them. There is no doubt that he is a good athlete, but it's on us too."

On the close losses:
"I think that when people look at Wake Forest, that they say that Wake went down to the wire with Virginia Tech. We're not the team to play top teams to the wire. We're a team right now where we want to win those games against the top teams. It's not a moral victory at all. We just have to rebound and beat some good teams down the road. If it's this year or next year, we're going to get over the hump. I guarantee it."

"Game in and game out this team plays 100 percent and everybody has the right mindset. We want to be a top team in this conference and not a mediocre team anymore."

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