Williams Has A Favorite

So far this year, Florida native Jim Bob Williams has experienced as many hurricanes as he has high school football games. That didn't stop Wake Forest from offering the offensive lineman a month ago, however.

Offensive lineman Jim Bob Williams and his Trinity Christian Academy teammates are just 1-2 this season after several games were called off due to hurricanes in the area. TCA has played three games, but has also been hit by three hurricanes as well.

"The first one came through a little south of us," Williams said. "We got a lot of rain from three of the four that have hit Florida, though. The first one we got a lot of rain, second quite a bit of rain and wind and the last one more wind. It tore a lot of stuff up down here but we're ok here."

Those storms are the first major disruptions for the area and his Jacksonville area school in years. "I remember the last time we missed school for a hurricane was in the 9th grade," Williams recalled. "We've missed like six [days] so far this year."

Though the weather has postponed several games this year for Williams' Trinity Christian Academy squad, he has done well this season, showing why he has received several D-I offers. "Right now, I have an offer to Oklahoma State and from Wake Forest. I'm still talking to Southern Miss, Colorado and Louisville and also South Florida.

Williams hopes to set up an official to Wake soon, but must get his academics in line first. "Before I go to Wake Forest I have to take the SAT," he said. "To accept a scholarship to Wake Forest I have to have a 960 on my SAT."

The Florida native is currently highly interested in Wake Forest and hopes to get up to the campus in Winston-Salem soon. "I'm leaning towards Wake Forest," Williams noted. "I like what they do. Wake runs the football a ton and I really like that. I like the atmosphere. It seems to be a good system."

After his visit to Wake Forest in the near future, Williams will sit down and decide whether Wake is the best place for him or where else may be. "I'm trying to look at what's best for me," he said. "I've got to look at the people, how I fit in the program, all that."

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