Tuesday Football Press Conference Quotes

On the bye week:
"We still have a few guys banged up. We hoped that some of the guys that were injured would bounce back, but two or three still hurt. The guys had their bounce back in their step last night, and we'll be ready by Saturday. The heeling part is just a matter of time. The week off helped us regroup emotionally. It allowed us to clear our heads a little bit and get back to the fundamentals."

On the ACC:
"We play in a tough league. We have two teams in the top five, and a couple more in the top 25. That just proves that it is a strong league. Each week we play either one of the top teams in the country or someone that wants a piece of us. We have to be ready each week and have to play well. In order for us to win games, we have to play well for all four quarters. When you come up short, it's heartbreaking. It feels good when we play well against good teams, but we want to win those games."

On winning conference games:
"It's important to win games. We lost to three really good teams. Clemson is a good team and a tough place to play, NC State is a good team, and Virginia Tech is a top-25 team. We're playing good teams. We need to win in the ACC, though. Every game has been a gut check for us. In each of our first six games, we had to be mentally and physically prepared. We played with our best effort in every game, but unfortunately we are only 3-3."

On Florida State:
"Chris Rix is a very good player. He's played well against us in the past. But right now they are a team that is hitting on all cylinders and playing really well. I know that UVa is a really solid team and Florida State didn't have any problems with them. You can't go to sleep in one quarter. Against a team like Florida State, you have to play at a higher level for all four quarters. You need to play above your head if you want to win. We need to keep the defense off the field. Making first downs is the way to do that. Making lots of first downs will lead to scoring points, but we need to improve our time of possession and keep our defense off the field."

Senior Cornerback Eric King
On the bye week:
"It was really good for us. For practice, Coach Grobe let up on full contact which was nice. We basically did a lot of conditioning and ran drills. We were able to get back to the basics and really focus on that. We had a lot of guys who were injured, so this allowed them to get their legs back under them and get healthy."

On the team's attitude:
"I think our attitude is pretty good right now. The season is going well and we are playing really hard. We have just come up short in a few situations. We need to finish well, especially in the fourth quarter. The team is in good spirits and we have to keep our attitude up. We are out there to play ball and we are going to continue to come out there and play ball."

On loss to Virginia Tech:
"It was a very frustrating loss because we came so close but just had trouble finishing. It definitely took an emotional toll on us, especially with the disappointment in the fourth quarter. It was a hard loss, just like our overtime losses, but we will rebound and come out strong this weekend."

Senior linebacker Caron Bracy
On the bye week:
"We have had six tough games in a row and we are pretty banged up after those hard games. It was definitely good to have a week off to relax and to get healthy. We did mainly conditioning during practice, so it allowed the team to really get their legs under them and ready for next week."

On playing close games:
"I think it is a great thing. I really like going down to the wire, especially being a competitor, you just want the ball. We have had some tough losses, but have learned from the experience and want to start coming out on the right side. I'm sure we have put years on our coaches, but the close games show we can play with anyone in the country."

On the point spread:
"I don't look at point spreads. But I do know that Florida State is not taking us likely. The last time they were here, we had them 14-0 at one point in the game. I know it will be a battle on Saturday and we just want to come out on the right side with a win."

Senior Wide Receiver Jason Anderson:
How good is the 90%-95% Jason Anderson?

"Hopefully he'll be as good as the 100% Jason Anderson this weekend. It's hard to be on the sideline and not in uniform, I'm anxious to get back in there."

The last three plays of the Virginia Tech game, would the 100% Jason Anderson have caught one of those?
"I would like to think so. Even the 90% Jason Anderson should have caught at least one."

Each of the losses this season have been to ACC teams and each have been razor thin margins of victory for the opponents, what's happened the last few weeks to the Deacons?
"They've all been close games, right down the wire. Coach Grobe told us yesterday that this is a two game season, we need to focus on these next two and get to the next bye week."

How did the bye week affect the Deacons?
"It gave us time to really think about what has happened and that really is giving us motivation to go out there and win the games."

What will it take to win on Saturday and get over the hump?
"It will take a lot, but I think that the idea of winning is really pushing us. It would be the most amazing moment of my college career, by far, to pull off the upset on Saturday."

Florida State is such a fast team, how will you all adjust to their speed?
"They are very quick and that is part of what makes them so good. We cannot simulate that in practice so we have to watch tape and just mentally prepare for that. We've got to play physically tough and pull some tricks out of the hat."

Sophomore offensive lineman Steve Vallos
What were your pre-season expectations?

"I thought we'd be good. We've lost to teams that we could have and perhaps should have beaten. We really could use an ACC win this week."

Skill players always say it takes some time to get warmed up, how long does it take offensive tackles?
"I'd say that after the first series you figure out what kind of moves the defensive lineman have and you can work around it."

The Seminoles are quick, how do you account for the speed of their defense?
"That will be tough, we watch them on film and we have to maintain our line and stick to the plan and not let them break through."

How was the week off?
"It was great, for the first time in a few years coach really took it easy on us. It was not to give my legs a few days off."

You've got six games down and at least five more to go, how does it feel to be half way through the season?
"Well we're not exactly flying high right now. We need to start a new season in the second half, just like Clemson did after losing to us last year, they went out and played with all they had the rest of the season and made it to a bowl, that is what we need to do."

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